Deep Sky Astrophotography

 by Jordi Gallego

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Imaging from my observatory in Àger

This website shows my astrophotographic work. From 2008 onwards it is mainly done from my observatory in Àger. You can find more information about the observatory here.

Over the years I have given some lectures and presented or collaborated in some papers. Although most of them are today a bit outdated some of them may still be of interest. They can be found in the Articles section.

In the Gallery section you can find all the images I have made, grouped in three categories according to the way they were done:
- My first images, taken from my backyard.
- Images taken from dark sky locations, setting up the equipment for each session.
- Finally, images taken from my observatory.

In all images the full exposure details are shown and by clicking in the center of the image you get a higher resolution version (in most cases at full resolution).

Since August 2020, new images and other news are first presented in the new version of the Blog.

Previous blog entries can be found here.

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