ADS - Astronomical Data System, abstracts of published papers. Integral texts in older papers.

Aladin - Java applet. Discover what objects your images contain.

BeSS - Be stars database

DSS - Digitized Sky Survey. See how objects look like.

ESO Archive - Contains ESO and HST archives.

SDSS - Sloan Digitized Sky Survey - Updated DSS.

Sky View - Another very complete database.



Bruce Gary - Tutorials on transit detection of exoplanets and other photometries.

California & Carnegie Planet Search

João Gregório - Site showing the light curves captured by this amateur astronomer.

The Extrasolar Planets Encyclopaedia

Transitsearch - Tutorials, ephemerids, analysis



AAVSO - American Association of Variable Stars Observers

An Introduction to Astronomical Photometry Using CCDs

Center for Backyard Astrophysics

La Photométrie à Plusieurs Filtres

Landolt, equatorial stars

Least Squares Techniques

 Signal-to-noise calculator for CCD photometry



Astro-Linux - Use the astronomical tools under Linux, without installing it on your computer.

Cartes du Ciel - A planetarium.

Iraf - The reduction software. Under Linux.

Iris - Reduction and image processing and analysis.

Peranso -
Light Curve and Period Analysis Software

Registax - Planetary processing

Spcaudace - Specra processing.

Stellarium - A planetarium.

TeleAuto - Camera and telescope control software.

Virtual Moon Atlas - The atlas of the Moon.

Vspec - Spectra processing.



André e Sylvain Rondi - many interesting stuff, including stellar tomography

ARAS - the astronomical ring for access to spectroscopy

Atomic line list

Christian Buil - many learning stuff and tutorials

Daniel Défourneau - Spectroheliograph

Elements - Java applet

Ernst Pollmann (ASPA)- many learning stuff

Fredrick Veio - The Spectrohelioscope Network

LhiresIII - The great spectrograph site

Libraries of stellar spectra

Robin Leadbeater

UVES - Reference stars


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