Meetings, Missions and Study Visits

The visit to an astronomical observatory is an unforgettable experience. In first place because it is a science sanctuary, where great scientists can be found, and where the thresholds of knowledge are walked through. The technology involved is impressive and the contrast between the sophistication of the equipment and the ease of its use, is simply fascinating.  Sometimes improvisation must be preformed such as cables fixed with tape at the last minute. Everything must be done in order to do not loose a precious observing session because of some minor hazard. The dedication of the technicians and support astronomers must be mentioned. They work many times in extreme difficult conditions such as air rarefaction, cold and inadequate rest.

At right, Calar Alto in 2007-04-05, photo by Anselmo Dias.








 At left, Roque de los Muchachos, la Palma, at the beginning of Spring 2007, photo by Ricardo Javier Cardenes Medina








Roque de los Muchachos Observatory, La Palma 2003

ProAm2, La Rochelle 2006

Total Solar Eclipse Expedition, Turkey 2006

CoRoT Be star Campaign, 2006

Calar Alto Observatory, Almería 2006

Pic du Midi Observatory, France 2007

Haute Provence Observatory, France 2007

Stage of Spectroscopy OHP, France 2007

Mission Ratatouille, St Veran-France 2007

Observatório Municipal de Fronteira, Portugal, 2008

Stage of Spectroscopy OHP, France 2008

WR140 periastron campaign 2008-2009

Pleione campaign, Feb.2009

Teide Observatory, Tenerife 2009

Proam3, LaRochelle 2009

eps Aur Eclipse Campaign 2009-2011

Stellar Winds in Interaction Workshop, Convento da Arrábida 2010

Stage of Spectroscopy OHP, France 2010

JENAM 2010, Lisbon 2010

Delta Scorpii Periastron 2011 International Campaign

Hvar Observatory, Croatia 2012

XIth HAC - The Most Mysterious Binaries, Croatia 2012

ksi Tauri Campaign 2012

delta Orionis Campaign 2012

V339 Del Campaign 2013

EE Cephei Eclipse Campaign 2014

BRITE Campaigns 2014 -


WR140 Periastron 2016-2017

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