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Thank you for taking few minutes to visit my website dedicated to the photography of the sky wonders.

I live in the Parisian suburb, 30 km away from the Eiffel tower. Like many urban astrophotographers, I have to fight with the intrusive skyglow of the cities lights.

A hard task to image the faintest deep sky splendors under light pollution !




My latest images...

LBN 251 Sep 1st, 2018
Super Moon Feb. 02, 2018
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My latest target is a large nebulosity located in Cygnus, not so fra from the bright star Sadr. LBN 251 or IC1318a exhibs many faints black shapes and filaments.

This image was done with the 12" f/3.7 Riccardi Honders astrograph from Astrophysics and a SBIG STL6303e CCD camera through a set of SHO filters.

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