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Future version : Airmass Calc 2.0

         Exports files for AAVSO - BAA VSS  -  Database Tchèque

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AIRMASS CALC  is a very simple program, or if you like quite a modern one, a tool which does only one thing: it computes Airmass and Scintillation which satisfies different criteria.

AIRMASS CALC can rewrite the report AAVSO with adding the airmass in the correct column.

Many thanks to Arne Henden (AAVSO Director) and Aaron Price (Technical Assistant, Technology) for their help and encouragement.

If you see some bugs, contact me in private.


   Realease 1.4 and 1.5:

    1.5b : New type of search of files

    1.5a : precision time is UNIVERSAL TIME + minors corrections

    New algorithm: transform "old format" to "new format" AAVSO available

    Option by default.

    1.5 : add chart number in parameter 

  Realease 1.3 :

    Added new option : transform "old format" to "new format" AAVSO available 

   Realease 1.2 :

    Added new option : "new format" AAVSO available

   Realease 1.1 :

    Some minors bugs corrected 

    New button : search star in the GCVS catalog.


Requirements :

PC Windows W98, XP

Minimal Résolution : 1024 x 768 pixels

AIRMASS CALC has not been tested with Windows 2000 nor NT nor Vista



You can choose a French or an English version.

Quit AIRMASS CALC, and run it again and the appropriate language will take effect.


A) Criterias

Date (day, month and year)

Time (Hour, minutes, seconds)

Iteration (how many items you want to compute)

Increment (ex 1 for 1 hour)

Latitude : format (+ to north)

Longitude : format (+ to west)

Time in seconds


    Right ascension : format (dd mm ss)

    Declination : format (dd mm ss)

    Name of the star

B) After the different selections have been chosen :

The button "Search star" : search a star in the GCVS catalog. Download it and put the file "iii.dat" in the same directory that "airmass.exe"

The button "Compute" : will compute the criteria and display the results on the screen and save the configuration.

The button "Rewriting" : will rewrite your file AAVSO, two formats available.



This action displays :
        JD (Julian day)

The second tab displays a graphic with the value of airmass in function of the hours



A new window is displayed, you have two choices with two format of files

- Old format

- New format (or extended format) 

- Transform "Old format" to "new format"

You can change the parameters , they will be different from the first window.

The button "Rewriting" rewrite the file and add the value of the airmass depending on the julian day written in the original file

In this page, choose your parameters, it will be different from the page 1

Choose your file

the soft controls the validity of the file 

The original file is not over written

A new file is created, an extension is added : 

Original Name + "-Airmass-"+ date of rewriting (yyyymmdd).txt

Example - old format

1943+09 OO AQL    2454363.2935  9.78 CCD   889,989    070917  CLZ


1943+09 OO AQL    2454363.2935  9.78 CCD   889,989    070917  CLZ   Airmass : 1.23 Transform : N

Example - old format to new format

0659-03 V838 MON  2454510.3456 14.77 CCDV  1078,1436  080220  CLZ  


                                        #SOFTWARE= mm completed with Airmass Calc 1.5b
V838 MON,2454510.3456,14.77,0.03,V,NO,ABS,1078,na,1436,na,1.439,na,080220,na


1) Full installation Version 1.5b (5Mo)

Click here

unzip the files in the directory ex : temp

Run the file setup.exe


2) Simple installation Version 1.5b (90ko)

Click here

unzip the files in the directory ex : airmass-calc

Run the file airmass.exe

3) GCVS Catalog

     Download it ( Save as ......) and put the file "iii.dat" in the same directory that "airmass.exe"

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