IC59 & IC63 Gamma Cassiopeia Nebula

Field centered on R.A. 05h 37' & Dec. -03 55'


Around the bright star Gamma Cassiopeia, Navi, the bluish star close to the upper left side of this picture, lay a ghostly nebular complex. Gamma Cassiopeia is currently evaporating two nearby clouds of gas- IC 59 and IC 63. The leading edges of these clouds glow strongly in the intense bath of radiation from this hot star. Hints of bluish light behind the front lines of these nebulae show a bit of scattered light. Astronomically speaking, these clouds don't have much more time and will soon be blown away into the interstellar medium (text adapted from "Best of AOP")

Below are two enlargements of IC59 and IC63 at about 75% of the original resolution. Unfortunately several tiny clouds passing during the RGB exposures made unusable most of "R" and "G" subframes.




Apo TEC140 (140/f7) + AP 900GTO SBIG STL11K, binning 1x1, T=-20°C Ha (110m) R (5m) G (15m) B (50m) Optec Ha RGB filter set

Gambugliano, Vicenza, Italy





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