Integrated Flux Nebula around M81 and M82

Field centered on R.A. 10h 00m & DEC +69 15'

Large galaxies and faint nebulae highlight this deep image of the M81 Group of galaxies. First and foremost in the wide-angle exposure is the grand design spiral galaxy M81, the largest galaxy visible in the image. M81 is gravitationally interacting with M82 just above it, a big galaxy with an unusual halo of filamentary red-glowing gas. Around the image many other galaxies from the M81 Group of galaxies can be seen. Together with other galaxy congregates including our Local Group of galaxies and the Virgo Cluster of galaxies, the M81 Group is part of the expansive Virgo Supercluster of Galaxies. This whole galaxy menagerie is seen through the faint glow of an Integrated Flux Nebula, a little studied complex of diffuse gas and dust clouds in our Milky Way Galaxy (Text adapted from APOD). Details of M81 and M82 are from this picture.

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Pentax 67 300EDIF lens + AP MACH1 FLI Proline 16803, binning 1x1, T=-30°C L (120m) R (20m) G (20m) B (20m) Baader LRGB filter set

Gambugliano, Italy





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