Galactic Core around B86

Field centered on R.A. 18h 00' & Dec. -28° 20'

Thousands of stars like sand on a beach, no other areas of the sky give me such a feeling of majesty. Just in case someone is wandering if we are alone in the universe. Click here for a larger version framed in a "poster style".

This image was taken in difficult conditions: because of the high relative humidity, it was impossible to cool down the camera much below the ambient T because the formation of dew on the camera window. Therefore all subframes were taken at a very high chip temperature of + 10C!


Apo TEC140 (140/f7) + AP MACH1 FLI Microline 16803, binning 1x1, T=+10°C R (30m) G (30m) B (30m) Astrodon RGB filter set

Isola del Giglio, Grosseto, Italy





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