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Commentaries, Sound and Music

Here are some commentaries extracted from films, sound and music samples used on this site to illustrate different subjects (quantum physics, astronautics, cosmology, SETI, etc).

You will find on this page numerous scientific recordings like the sound of meteor showers, auroral emissions, geomagnetic storms, solar flares, jupiter hisses and bursts, pulsars, miscellaneous natural phenomena, and more.

You will find on this page recordings of QSOs worked by radio amateurs, including with ISS, the sound of different transmission modes and interferences, as well as recordings of historical events.

You will find on this page recordings related to astronautic events, transmissions from satellite and other spacecrafts, as well as reports from astronauts and cosmonauts on orbit.

Check also my animations for hundreds other videos and films.



116 KB

B-52H, engine start

138 KB

B-52H, taxi

207 KB

B-52H, takeoff

94 KB

Doppler effect on the sound of a F-16 jet flying at low level

92 KB

Doppler effect on the sound of Indy cars racing at full speed

918 KB

Winchester 1875, single shots. Document Sound bible

For the fun

432 KB

Tic-tac of a clock

1 MB

Tic-tac of a clock

871 KB

Katastrof desk (en franšais avec accent luxembourgeois)

584 MB

Push "Any key" (en franšais avec accent luxembourgeois)

1 MB

Clic double-clic remix (en franšais avec accent luxembourgeois)

12 KB

"You got a message"

370 KB

A chorus singing "Happy birthday to you"

4.5 MB

Kung-Fu theme, "I seek not to know only answers, but to understand the questions..."

243 KB

The Abyss : "Oh no, no, no... Grab on to something"

Deep Impact : "Damage ? What kind of damage ? Total, sir."

97 KB

Armageddon, "American components... Russian components..., all made in Taiwan !"

29 KB

Back to the Future III, Doc and McCoy : "No wonder this circuit failed it says made in Japan. What do you mean Doc, all the best stuff is made in Japan ! ... Unbelievable".

431 KB

Contact : recording of first artificial signal

11 KB

Contact : the artificial signal

170 KB

Contact : sound of ring

336 KB

Close encounter of the 3d kind, transmission between humans and the mothership

12 KB

Independence day, president Thomas J. Whitmore : "The question of whether we are or not alone in the universe has been answered"

8 KB

Independence day, scientist : "It's the real thing! A radio signal from another world!"

3 KB

Terminator : "I'll be back"

18 KB

Star Trek, "Files accessed"

89 KB

Star Trek, sound of the transport beam

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