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A short biography

Readers are always curious to know who is hidden behind the writing of a website or the one of a book.

Instead of developing a long biography, essentially personal, on a so mediatized support, I have chosen to show you some key images, some snapshots of my curriculum vitae, mainly focused on my hobbies, leaving aside my private life, my opinions, and profession, albeit they transpire from time to time in the pages of this website.

I shoulder the entire responsibility of this website content. I got my skills in following a quite long academic course, crossing the fields of photography, meteorology, computing science, and finance.

Interested in sciences and techniques, I keep paying attention to the evolution of information technologies and to scientific discoveries that constitute the raw material of articles released on this site.

In addition, for my own education and my leisure, I am member of various clubs as well as some philosophical and scientific societies.

Key images of my curriculum vitae

"Life is too long to be ignored, too short to be waste"

Collège Saint Paul, Godinne

Graduation in 1979.


License of skydiving

Underwater diving

Cyprae leucodon (Cowry), one of the most beautiful seashell of my collection.


Astronomy, pratical and theoretical

Ham radio, licenses ON4SKY and LX4SKY

Le blog.

Author of books and articles for the general public

Author's publications

The Guest book

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Member of MENSA

Fellow of RAS

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