Chronological Catalog of Reported Lunar Events
NASA Technical Report R-277  -  July 1968
Lunar Events - 1800s
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Date & Time
Feature or Location;
1820 Oct 17 S of Sinus Iridum Brilliant spots in Mare Imbrium S of Sinus Iridum Luthmer Luthmer 1824
1821 Feb 5-6 Aristarchus, vicinity Luminous appearance on dark side; 6th to 7th mag, 3' to 4' diameter Kater, Olbers, Browne Kater 1821; Olbers 1822, 1824; Gauss 1874; Houzeau and Lancaster 1964 ed.
1821 Apr 7 Posidonius Appeared without shadow Gruithuisen Webb 1962 ed., p.110
1821 May 4-6 Aristarchus, vicinity Bright spot on dark side, <1' diameter Ward, Baily Ward 1822; Baily 1822
1821 Jul 25 Dark side Brilliant flashing spots Gruithuisen Gruithuisen 1824
1821 Nov 28, ~20h00m Dark side Variable bright spot like 6th mag star Fallows Fallows 1822
1822 Jan 27 Aristarchus, vicinity Bright spot like 8th mag star F.G.W. Struve Struve 1823
1822 Jun 22-23 Aristarchus Lunar "volcano" Ruppell Ruppell 1822
1822 N/A "Volcanoes" on the moon; several occasions Flaugergues Flaugergues 1822
1822 N/A Lunar "volcano" Zach Zach 1822
1824 May 1 Near Aristarchus Blinking light, 9th to 10th mag on dark side Gobel Gobel 1826
1824 Oct 18 Aristarchus, vicinity Mingling of all kinds of colors in small spots in the W and NW of Aristarchus Gruithuisen Gruithuisen 1824; Fauth 1899
1824 Oct 20, 05h00m Dark side, Mare Nubium Bright area 100 x 20 km Gruithuisen Flammarion 1884; Azevado 1962
1824 Dec 8 Plato Bright fleck in SE part of crater Gruithuisen Sirius 1879
1825 Apr 8 Plato W part of crater brighter than E part Gruithuisen Sirius 1879
1825 Apr 22 Aristarchus and vicinity Periodic illumination Argelander, Gobel Argelander 1826, Gobel 1826
1825 Dec 1, 23h45m Ptolemaeus Bright spot Schwabe Sel.J. 1880
1826 Apr 12, 20h00m Mare Crisium Black moving haze or cloud Emmett Emmett 1826; Capron 1879
1826 Apr 13, 20h00m Mare Crisium; 1 hr Cloud less intense Emmett Capron 1879
1832 Jul 4 Mare Crisium Speckled with minute dots and streaks of light T.W. Webb Astr.Reg. 1882; Webb 1962 ed., p.105
1832 Dec 25 Aristarchus, vicinity Bright spot C.P. Smyth Smyth 1836
1835 Dec 22, 18h30m Near Aristarchus Bright spot, 9th to 10th mag C.P. Smyth Smyth 1836
1836 Feb 13 Messier Two straight lines of light; a band between covered with luminous points Gruithuisen Sci. Amer. Supp. Vol.7
1839 Jun 24 Grimaldi Smoky-gray mist Gruithuisen B.A.A. Mem. 1895
1839 Jul 7 South Pole Twilight Gruithuisen B.A.A. Mem. 1895
1839 Jul 19 Schroter Dark mist Gruithuisen B.A.A. Mem. 1895
1842 Jul 8, 07h02m N/A During solar eclipse, moon's disk occasionally crossed by bright streaks N/A Wullerstorff 1846; Zantedeschi 1846
1843 Jul 4 Peak S of Alps On terminator saw an unusually bright spot that glowed like a fixed star Gerling Gerling 1845; Sirius 1888
1844 Apr 25 SW of Pico A bluish glimmering patch of light, not quite within the night side of the moon J.Schmidt Sel.J. 1878
1847 Mar 18, 19 Dark side Large luminous spots on dark side Rankin, Chevalier Rankin 1847; Houzeau and Lancaster 1964 ed.
1847 Dec 11, 18h00m Teneriffe Mts. A bright spot about 1/4-ang diam of Saturn was perceived which, though it varied in intensity like an intermittent light, was at all times visible (dark side) Hodgson Hodgson 1848
1848 Mar 19 N/A During eclipse rapid changes in .... (wording illegible) Gorjan M.N. 1847-48
1849 Feb 11 Posidonius Without normal shadow J.Schmidt Webb 1962 ed., p.110
1854 Dec 27 Teneriffe Mts. (near Plato); 5 hr Two luminous fiery spots on bright side. "... an appearance I had never seen before on the surface of the moon though I have observed her often these last 40 years .... It appeared to me from the brightness of the light and the contrast of colour to be two active volcanoes or 2 mouth of one in action." Hart Hart 1855
1855 Jun 20 N/A Traces of twilight seen. Webb gives low weight to observation "for want of better optical means." Webb Webb 1962 ed., p.97
1862 Jun 12, 06h19m N/A "During [lunar] eclipse, the E [IAU:W] side dark brick red and something seemed to oscillate before it." At the mid-eclipse on the S side, "a very small meniscus was seen nearly the color of the uneclipsed moon." N/A Liais 1865
1864 May 15 and Oct 16 Mare Crisium, E of Picard Bright cloud Ingall Ingall 1864
1864 N/A Bright spot Birt Birt Birt 1864
1865 Jan 1 SE of Plato; 30 min Bright spot like 4th mag star slightly out of focus. Bright speck remained changeless for 30 min, and its light was steady. Grover Grover 1866; Webb 1962 ed., p.114
1865 Apr 10 Mare Crisium, E of Picard Point of light like star. Whole of Mare Crisium intersected with bright veins, mixed with bright spots of light. Aperture 4-1/2 in.; 4 hr before full moon Ingall Astr. Reg. 1866
1865 Sep 5 Mare Crisium, E of Picard Point of light like star, with misty cloud Ingall Astr. Reg. 1866
1865 Nov 24 Carlini; 1 hr 30 min Dark side, distinct bright speck like 8th mag star Williams and two others Webb 1962 ed., p.125
1865 Mare Crisium Dots and streaks of light Slack, Ingall Webb 1962 ed., p.105
1866 Jun 10 Aristarchus Starlike light Tempel Denning, Tel.Work p.121
1866 Jun 14-16 Aristarchus, vicinity Reddish-yellow Tempel Tempel 1867
1866 Dark side Bright spots Hodgson Hodgson 1866
1867 Apr 9, 19h30m - 21h00m Aristarchus, vicinity; 1 hr 30 min Bright spot on dark side, 7th mag, becoming fainter after 20h15m UT Elger Elger 1868
1867 Apr 12, 07h30m - 08h30m Aristarchus, vicinity; 1 hr Bright spot on dark side, 7th mag. Elger Webb 1962
1867 May 6-7 Aristarchus; at least several hours each night Left side of crater, very bright luminous point, appearing like a volcano Flammarion Flammarion 1884
1867 May 7 Aristarchus, vicinity Reddish-yellow, beacon-like light Tempel Tempel 1867; Astr. Reg. 1868
1867 Jun 10 Sulpicius Gallus Three blackish spots Dawes The Student Vol.1
1867 Dark side Bright spots W.O. Williams Williams 1867
1870 May 13 Plato Bright spots, extraordinary display Pratt, Elger Rept. Brit. Assn. 1871
1870 N/A White spots on the moon, "lightning". Birt Birt 1870
1870 Godin Purplish haze illuminating floor of crater, still in shadow Trouvelot Trouvelot 1882; Moore 1963
1871 Plato Streak of light across floor visible while crater in shadow Elger Sirius 1887
1871 W of Plato Fog or mist Elger, Neison Flammarion 1884
1872 Jul 16 Plato NE portion of floor hazy Pratt Capron 1879
1873 Jan 4 Kant Luminous purplish vapors Trouvelot Trouvelot 1882; Flammarion 1884; Moore 1963
1873 Apr 10 Plato Under high sun, two faint clouds in W part of crater Schmidt Sirius 1879
1873 Nov 1 Plato Unusual appearance Pratt Capron 1879
1874 Jan 1 Plato Unusual appearance Pratt Capron 1879
1877 Feb 20, 09h30m - 10h30m Eudoxus; 1 hr Fine line of light like luminous cable drawn W to E across crater Trouvelot Flammarion 1884; l'Astron. 1885
1877 Feb 27, 19h19m N/A Lunar eclipse. Flickering light on lunar surface Dorna L'Opin. Nazion. 1877
1877 Mar 17, 06h45m N/A Moon's horns showed traces of atmosphere. Moon 2d16h old (2.75 in. reflector) Dennett Eng. Mech. 1882
1877 Mar 21 Proclus Brilliant illumination Barrett Eng. Mech. 1882
1877 May 15, 20h30m and 
May 29, 00h35m
E of Picard Bright spot N/A Eng. Mech. 1882
1877 Jun 17, 22h30m Bessel Minute point of light (seen with 2.75 in. reflector) Dennett Eng. Mech. 1882
1877 Jul 29 Plato S of center of crater, bright streak, disappeared at 2:30am Gray Flammarion 1884
1877 Aug 23-24, 23h10m N/A Lunar eclipse.
(1) Unusual spectrum with strong absorption in yellow.
(2) Two patches of crimson light of short duration
(1) Airy; 
(2) Capron, Pratt
(1) Sirius 1878;
(2) Capron 1879
1878 Feb 2, 08h16m At limb Changes in spectrum during solar eclipse suggesting lunar atmosphere Observers at Melbourne, Australia Sirius 1878
1878 Mar 10, 19h20m Mare Crisium White patch E of Picard badly defined Noble Sel. J. 1878
1878 Oct 5, 21h40m Plato Faint bright shimmer like thin white cloud Klein Klein, Woch. fur Astr.; Sirius 1878
1878 Oct 21 3 hr Half of moon's terminator obliterated Hirst Capron 1879
1878 Nov 1 Messier Obscuration of Messier Klein Pop. Astr. 1902
1878 Nov 9, 21h00m Plato Faint but unmistakable white cloud, not seen before Klein Sirius 1878
1878 Dec 4 Agrippa, Klein's Object and the oval spot nearby "Odd misty look as if vapour were in or about them." Capron Capron 1879
1878 E of Picard White patch Birt Eng. Mech. Vol 28
1878 Interior of Tycho Cloudy appearance Birt Eng. Mech. Vol 28
1880 Jan 18 Whole of Mare Nectaris Foggy. Fog extended into the floor of Fracastorius. Gruithuisen said that the seeing was unsatisfactory. Gaudibert Gaudibert 1880
1881 Feb 3, 19h00m Aristarchus (on dark side, limb area) Very bright (~8.0 mag star) with pulsations "Gamma" Sirius 1881
1881 Jul 4, 00h30m N/A "Two pyramidal luminous protuberances appeared on the moon's limb .... These points were a little darker than the rest of the moon's face. They slowly faded away ...." Several observers Sci. Amer. 1882
1881 Aug 6-7 Aristarchus region Whole region between Aristarchus and Herodotus and S part of Great Rille (Schroter's Valley) appeared in strong violet light as if covered with fog Klein Klein 1902
1881 Dec 5, 17h09m Aristarchus During eclipse, Aristarchus was a white spot in the coppery disk and continued so. (Lunar eclipse) S.J. Johnson Johnson 1882; Fisher 1924
1882 Jan 29, 17h00m - 17h30m Eudoxus; 30 min Unusual shadow N/A Sirius 1882
1882 Feb 27, 18h30m - 19h30m and 
20h30m - 20h45m
Eudoxus; 1 hr, and 15 min Unusual shadow (on Feb 25, the shadow was normal) N/A Sirius 1882
1882 Mar 27, 18h45m Plato Floor glowed with milky light A.S. Williams Williams 1882
1882 Apr 24 Near Godin and Agrippa Shadows blurred and oscillating. Shadows in Aristoteles steady. Intervals between obscurations, ~10 min Ridd Proc. Liverpool Astr. Soc. 1883
1882 May 19 Just E of Mare Crisium against Prom. Agarum Cloud, not less than 100 mi x 40 or 50 mi; no trace seen on May 20 J.G. Jackson and friends Eng. Mech. 1882; Strol. Astr. 1966; B.A.A. Lunar Sec. Circ. 1966, 1, No.8
1882 Jul 17 Just E of Mare Crisium, against Prom. Agarum Feathery mist or cloud J.G. Jackson Strol. Astr. 1966
1882 Nov 7, 09h00m Dark limb Line of light around dark limb, attributed to atmosphere, well seen, equally bright throughout length. Age of moon 26.5 days Hopkins Sirius 1884
1883 Mar 12, 20h00m Dark limb Line of light (see 1882 Nov 7) well seen Hopkins Sirius 1884
1883 Mar 12 Taruntius and environs Peculiar blurred appearance. Unmistakable variations in the sharpness of the shadows of the ring plain Davies Proc. Liverpool Astr. Soc. 1883; B.A.A. Lunar Sec. Circ. 1966, 1, No 10
1883 May Edge of Mare Crisium Light mist or cloud J.G. Jackson Flammarion 1884
1883 Nov 5, ~18h00m Aristarchus Very bright (~7.0-8.0 mag star) "R" Sirius 1883
1884 Feb 5 Kepler Illumination in Kepler Morales l'Astron. Vol.9
1884 Oct 4, ~22h03m Tycho During eclipse, bright spot like a star of the 2nd mag. (Lunar eclipse) Parsehian Parsehian 1885; Fisher 1924
1884 Nov 29, 19h00m - 21h00m Aristarchus; 2 hr Nebulous at center; elsewhere features well defined Hislop Sirius 1885
1885 Feb 19 Small crater near Hercules Small crater was dull red with vivid contrast Gray l'Astron. Vol.4; Knowledge Vol.7
1885 Feb 21 Cassini Red patches Knopp l'Astron. Vol.4
1885 Jun 10 Aristarchus Starlike light Tempel Pop. Astr. 1932
1886 Sep 6 Plato Streak of light on dark floor of crater in shadow (67 mm refl.) Valderama Sirius 1887
1887 Feb 1, ~17h00m Plato Appearance of light in crater Kruger Sirius 1887
1887 Feb 2 La Hire Intense yellow streak that cast shadows around neighbouring features Klein Sirius 1903
1888 Jul 15 S edge of Alps on dark side of moon "Lunar volcano"; ~1 mag star. Yellow light tinged with red from refractor's secondary spectrum Holden Sirius 1888
1888 Nov 23, 17h15m 45 min A triangular patch of light (seen with 3 1/2 in. refractor and 180 x mag) von Speissen and others Sirius
1889 Mar 30 Copernicus Black spot Gaudibert l'Astron. 1889
1889 May 11 Gassendi Black spot on rim N/A l'Astron. 1889
1889 Jun 6, 22h00m Plato B and D (Schmidt's designation) Two extremely bright spots (8 in. refractor) Evon Lade Sirius 1889
1889 Jul 12, ~20h52m Aristarchus During lunar eclipse, brilliance in surrounding gloom was striking Krueger Krueger 1889; Fisher 1924
1889 Sep 3 Alpetragius; 30 min "Central peak, its shadow and all the floor seem to be seen through haze." Barnard Barnard 1892
1889 Sep 13 Plinius White spot over central peak Thury Thury 1889a, 1889b
1889 Oct 3-4 Alpetragius Hazy Barnard Barnard 1892
1890 Oct 3, ~22h00m Posidonius Unusual shadow Meller Sirius 1890
1891 May 23, ~18h20m Aristarchus region Lunar eclipse, half hour before end of totality, Aristarchus and region immediately N of it became conspicuous and increased in brightness from that time on W.E. Jackson Jackson 1890-91; Fisher 1924
1891 Sep 16 Schroter's Valley "Dense clouds of white vapour were apparently arising from its bottom and pouring over its SE [IAU:SW] wall in the direction of Herodotus." W.H. Pickering Pickering 1903
1891 Sep 17, 18, 23, 25 Schroter's Valley Apparent volcanic activity W.H. Pickering Pickering 1903
1891 Oct 14 Schroter's Valley Apparent volcanic activity W.H. Pickering Pickering 1903
1891 Nov 7 Aristarchus Very distinct luminous point d'Adjuda l'Astron. Vol.11
1892 Mar 31 Thales Pale luminous haze Barnard Barnard 1892
1892 May 10 Schroter's Valley Apparent volcanic activity W.H. Pickering Pickering 1903
1892 May 11, ~22h53m N/A During partial lunar eclipse, extension of earth's shadow beyond the cusps N/A Sirius 1892
1893 Jan 30 Schroter's Valley Apparent volcanic activity W.H. Pickering Pickering 1903
1893 Apr 1 N/A Shaft of light de Moraes l'Astron. Vol.13
1894 Feb 23 Henke (now Daniell) and N wall of Posidonius Strong brownish-red coppery hue in Henke and also on N wall of Posidonius Krieger Sirius 1895
1895 Mar 11, 03h42m N/A During lunar eclipse, very striking color in SE quadrant Foulkes B.A.A. Mem. 1895
1895 May 2, 
(1)~12-14 min
(1) Streak of light.
(2) Bright parallel bands in center
(1)Sirius 1895, 1897;
(2)Sirius 1896, 1897
1895 Sep 25 N/A Shaft of light Gaboreau l'Astron. Vol.13
1896 Macrobius Penumbral fringe to shadow Goodacre Firsoff 1962 ed., p.90
1897 Jun 14 Schroter's Valley Apparent volcanic activity W.H. Pickering Pickering 1903
1897 Sep 21, 23h00m Aristarchus Glimmering streaks Molesworth Goodacre 1931
1897 Oct 8, 10, 13, 15 Schroter's Valley Apparent volcanic activity W.H. Pickering Pickering 1903
1897 Dec 9 Wm. Humboldt Light chocolate border to shadow on E wall Goodacre B.A.A. Mem. 1898
1898 Jan 8, 00h30m Tycho region About mid-eclipse, shadow so dense that details of surface disappeared entirely, except that bright ray extending SSW from Tycho was clearly visible throughout its whole extent and continued so throughout eclipse. (Lunar eclipse) Chevremont Chevremont 1898; Fisher 1924
1898 Apr 6-8 Schroter's Valley Apparent volcanic activity W.H. Pickering Pickering 1903
1898 Jul 3, 21h47m Proclus Half hour after mid-eclipse, the crater shone with reddish light in shadow. (Lunar Eclipse) Moye Moye 1898; Fisher 1924
1898 Dec 27, ~23h38m Aristarchus During eclipse, Aristarchus brilliant (Lunar eclipse) Stuyvaert Niesten and Stuyvaert 1898-99; Fisher 1924