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Alternate sciences - Misinformation - UFO

Apeiron (online journal)

Cash's Arp notes (DSO pictures)


La Relativité synchrone de Lorentz

Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy (misinformation)

Meta Research (Thomas Van Flandern)


UnMuseum (Lee Krystek)

*U* UFO DATABASE (Larry Hatch)

Apollo Hoax and related

Apollo Anomalies

Apollo Hoax

Aulis online


Crank Dot Net

Ian Goddard page

JPL, Apollo is not faked

MadSci Network

The straight dope

Astro-Inn & Stages - Hotels & Training

Observatoire d'Aniane

Centro de Observação Astronomica no Algarve - Portugal

Chile Excepcion (Atacama, la Serena)

Grove Creek Observatory - Australia

Icare - Suisse

Jack Newton  - Observatory B & B in Osoyoos, BC, Canada

Jack Newton  - Observatory B & B in Chiefland, Florida

New Mexico Skies - USA, NM

Observatoire des Côtes de Meuse - France

Puimichel l'Observatoire "La Remise" - Belgique

Space Camp - USA, FL

Eurospace Center de Redu - Belgique

StarHill Inn - USA, NM

See also "Clubs", "Observatories"

Astrometry & stellar databases (without images)

Index - DMOZ Stellar and Astrometric Archives

50 Nearest Stars - Cosmobrain

USNO Astrometry Dept (includes the Astrographic catalog)

CDS - Aladin, Simbad, Tycho-2, VizieR catalogs

ESA IUE data server

Galactic Cepheids database (Toronto University)


NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database (NED)

Near Object Position (NED)

Simbad (CDS, with images)

Tycho-2 (ESO)

See also "Images", "Observatories"

Aeronautics - Astronautics & Space exploration


Agenzia Spaziale Italiana
British Space Center
CACS (Chinese agency)

Canadian Space Agency
CNES - Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales
Deutsches Zentrun Raumfahrt
ESA (European Space Agency)

IKI (Russian Space Agency)

Instituto de Pesquisas

ISRO (Indian agency)

JAXA (Japanese agency)

NASA (US agency)

MCC (Russian Mission Control Center)

Russian Aviation & Space Agency (ex RKA)
Tecnica aeroespacial
Aeronautics - Prototypes

NASA - Dryden Flight Research Center

Venturestar (Lockheed Martin)

Amateur Rocketry

Buran (NPO Molnyia)

Edmund Scientific


Jason Ware's Rocket Page

Astronautics & Space exploration

Astronautique - Astronomie (JC.Boulay)

CGRO - Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory



Deep Space Network (JPL)

Encyclopedia Astronautica (Astronautix)

Hubble Space Telescope (ESO)

Hubble Space Telescope (National Geographic)

Hubble Space Telescope (STSCI)

Incredible Adventures


ISO - The Infrared Space Observatory

ISS Fan Club

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

La Cité de l'Espace à Toulouse

Malin Space Science Systems

NASA Marshall Space Flight Center - Science

NASA Quest

NASA Voyager Probe

New Millenium program (DS1, etc)

Pioneer 10 Virtual Conference

Russian Space web

Space settlements (directory at Luxorion)

Sacramento Peak Public Relations

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Space Studies Institute (G.O'Neill's High Frontier)

Ultimax Group's Space Exploration CD


Astronautics and Aeronautics - Toys & replicas

Space Toys

Silent Thunder models

Mapping & Geo-Coordinates (lat./long.)

Ikonos Mapserver (ESRI)


National Geographic

Satellites - Earth and Cities pictures

Ikonos Space Imaging (0.25m resolution)

Terraserver Microsoft (Photo USA)

NIMA - Shuttle radar topo (2D/3D)


Satellites - Predictions of visibility, orbital elements


ARRL - American Radio Relay League


CelesTrak - NORAD satellites TLE


National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency


Mike McCants

NASA Human Space Flight

NASA MSFC J-Pass Generator

NASA MSFC Satellites

Spacewarn Bulletin - NASA GFSC

US Space Command 

Forum sci.astro.satellites.visual-observe

Satellite - Tracking Software

Element Manager (EOSS)

LogSat Professional

Nova for Windows (NLSA)




WinOrbit (sat-net)


Weather and forecasts (météo)

Astrosurf Meteo

ESO Observing (weather at ESO)


IRM - Institut Royal Météorologique (BE)

Interactive Weather Information Network

Littoclimate (matériels, logiciels et cartes)

Live Weather Images

Météo France

NOAA - Climatic Diagnostics Center (8 days forecasts)

Reading UK Weather Forecast



Weather (Yahoo)

Weather 2010


Weatherimages (live)

WetterOnline (DE)

See also "Books - News", "Education", "Forum", "Images-Professional", "Observatories".

Astrophysics - Explanets


Astrophysics - General

Astrophysics Source Code Library Archive

AstroWeb Astronomy-Astrophysics links

Index - Stars

CHARA - Double Star Library

Delta Scuti Network (DSN)

International Supernovae Network

Gravitational lensing - Lentilles gravitationnelles


Sismologie stellaire (CNRS)

Black holes - Neutron stars - pulsars

Black holes - Index

300 links to black holes and related

Black holes - Portals into the Unknown

Black holes and whormholes (Andrew Hamilton)

FAQ Black holes - NASA

FAQ to sci.physics on Black holes by Matt McIrvin

NASA Virtual trip to Black Holes and neutron Stars

Neutron star - Index

Les trous noirs

CASA's Relativity and Black hole links

See also "Astronautics", "Books", "Education", "Images", Relativity", "Software".

Astrophysics  - Solar System

General Information with Images (all readers)

Computing planetary positions

IPS Australia - Solar data

Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, University of Arizona

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS) Abstract Service

NASA - Ames Research Center, Space Science Division

Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI)

NASA - Solar System Exploration Division

NASA Galileo Legacy Site

Planets Alignments in 2000 - Griffith Observatory

Solar System Live (real time simulation)

Solar Views (Calin J. Hamilton)

STSCI - Space Telescope Electronic Information Service

The Nine Planets (Bill Arnett)

The Planetary Society

Ultimax Group's interactive Topo maps

Windows to the Universe - University of Michigan


Index - NASA Solar Astronomy Servers

Index - Solar Astronomy

Index - Sun  

ALPO solar section

Astroweb Solar Astronomy (UK)

AAVSO Solar division

Bass2000 (Observatoire de Bagnière de Bigorre)



Coordinated Solar Observations

CV-Helios Network (DE)

DASOP/LPSH Obs.Paris - Physique solaire

DRAO 10cm Solar Radio Noise Patrol

Forum alt.astronomy.solar

GFOES (France)

Helioseismology (NOAO)

Hopkins Observatory (Jay Pasachoff)

International Solar Terrestrial Physics


Mt Wilson 150 Foot Solar Tower (UCLA)

NOAO Press

Observatoire de Paris (Prévisions solaires)

SWPC - Space Weather Prediction Center (exc SEC, NOAA)

Solar and Upper Atmospheric Data Services (NOAA)

Solar Data Analysis Center (NASA GSFC)

Solar Data Analysis Center - Latest Soho images

Solar indices (SEC - NOAA)

Solar pages (Franky Dubois, VVS)

SOHO mission (Robert Johnson)

SONG solar-stellar oscillations


Space Weather

Stoneyhurst grid (solar disk template)

Sunspot Data Index (BE)

Sunspot number (NASA GSFC)

Sunspot cycle (NASA MSFC)

Sunspot cycle (NOAA SEC)

TRACE mission

Today's Space Weather

Yohkoh - The X-ray Sun

Asteroids - NEO - Impacts with Earth - Craters

ALPO Minor Planets section

Asteroids - CBAT-MPC-ICQ Index

Asteroid and Comet Impact hazard (NASA-ARC)

Closest Approach lists

La menace du ciel (les NEO, par M-A. Combes)

Minor Planet Checker

NEO Program Office (JPL)

Comité Consultatif sur les Météorites et les Impacts


Solarviews (Calvin Hamilton)


Space Debris (NASA-JSC)

TASS effort - Asteroids (BAA)


ALPO Comet section

AMS Comet section

JPL Comet pages (Encke)

Lisa (Université de Paris 12e)

UCSU Colorado

Ulysses Comet watch


Index - Mercury (NASA APOD)

Searching Mercury on Spaceref

ALPO Mercury section


Index - Venus (NASA APOD)

Searching Venus on Spaceref

ALPO Venus section


Earth (see right column)


Searching the Moon on Spaceref

ALPO Lunar section

Anomalies (IOTA)

Apollo Image Atlas (LPI)

Consolidated Lunar Atlas (LPI)

IOTA - International Organisation of Timing Association

Lunar-arc (NASA)

Lunarsat (DE)

Lunar resouce pages


Index - Mars (NASA APOD)

Searching Mars on Spaceref

ALPO Mars section

ARTE-TV Archives

Clues from the Red Planet (PBS)

De la planète rouge à l'origine de la vie

JPL Mars Exploration (JPL-PIO)

JPL Mars Exploration Rovers (Odyssey, Spirit, Opportunity)

JPL Mars Pathfinder

Malin Space Science System (MSSS)

Map-A-Planet (USGS)

MARS 96 flight mission (IKI)

Mars Atlas

Mars et la Science-Fiction  (Jacques Garin)

Mars Explorer1 (David Robinson)

Mars Global Surveyor Project (JPL, MGS) (JPL, MGS)

Mars in the Mind of Earth

Mars Nomenclature (USGS)

Mars On-line Maps (USGS)

Mars project at RICE (First Interactive Trip to Mars)

Mars : The face

Mars Today (NASA)

Mars Today.com

Martial soil

MOLA Data Records (PDS Geosciences)

MOLA Science Team (Topography)

NASA Ames Center For Mars Exploration

NASA Planetary Photojournal (Mars)

The Case for Mars (Conference)

Earth & the biosphere

Searching the Earth on Spaceref

Explore Zone (Earth science and more)

Geomagnetic field (NGDC)

Geophysical U.Washington

International Solar Terrestrial Physics (ISTP-GSFC)


Planète Terre de P.A.Bourque

PMEL-NOAA (tsunami)

Snowflakes & Snow Crystals (Caltech)

Solar Data for Global Change (NGDC)

Solar-Terrestrial Physics Division    



SSC-IGPP (magnetospheric events)

The Living Edens


USGS - US Geological Survey

Volcano World 

WebDirectory (environmental search engine)

Earth Sustaining Development (Développement Durable)

Global Change § Sustainable Development:Critical Trends

UN World Synthesis Reports (ONU, WWAP)


Conférence de Kyoto (2001)

Rapport Bruntland (1987)

Rapport Meadows (1972)

Data and observations

An Information Exchange for Earth Observation (EWSE)

CITES (Endangered species)

Earth Observatory (EO, NASA)

Global Climate Observing System (WMO/GCOS)

Red List (espèces menacées d'extinction)

The National Geophysical Data Center (WMO/NGDC)

South Pacific Island Reports (see level)


CIA - The World Factbook

Freedom House

Maps and graphics

Maps, Charts, and Graphs

Statistiques du commerce international (OMC, WTO)

US Census Bureau

International Organisations

Organisation des Nations Unies (ONU, UN)

Organisation Mondiale de la Santé (OMS, WHO)

Club of Rome)

Comité International de la Croix Rouge (ICRC)

Convention on Biological Diversity

Fonds Monétaire International (FMI, IMF)

Fonds Mondial (Global Fund)

Greenpeace International

Inter-Agency Committee on the Climate Agenda (IACCA)

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

Int'l Centre for Integrated assessment & Sustainable dev. (ICIS)

Int'l Union for the Conservation of Nature & Natural Resources

Médecins du Monde

Médecins Sans Frontières

National Science Foundation

Org.de Coopération et de Développement Economiques (OCDE)

Organisation Météorologique Mondiale (OMM, WMO)


The Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research (IAI)

The Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research (APN)

UN Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

Worldwatch Institute

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

World Conservation Monitoring Centre (WCMC)

International Programmes

Action 21 (ONU)

International Geosphere and Biosphere Programme (IGBP)

International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC)

Int'l Human Dimensions Pgm on Global Environmental Change

MAB (Biosphere reserve, UNESCO)

Millenium Ecosystem Assessment

UN Environment Programme (UNEP)

World Climate Research Programme (OMM, WMO)

National Research Programmes

Agora 2

Commissaire à l'environnement et au développement durable

Commission Interdépartementale du Développement Durable

Global Change Research Information Office (GCRIO)

Global Change Research Programm (USGCRP)

Le Réseau des gouvernements régionaux pour un dév.durable

Les échos du développement local durable

Ministère de l'Ecologie et du Développement Durable

Revue Développement Durable & Territoires

Système d'information sur le développement durable

Environment Management

International Council for Science

Législation européenne en matière d'environnement (Europa)

Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment

UN Forum on Forests

UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

UN Secretariat of the Convention to Combat Desertification

European Institutions

Europa-Recherche, les dossiers de l'Union Européenne

European Environment Agency (recherches sur l'ozone)

I'm Europe (L)


Index - Jupiter (NASA APOD)

Searching Jupiter on Spaceref

Cassini mission (ciclops)

NASA Voyager Probe

ALPO Jupiter section


Index - Saturn (NASA APOD)

Searching Saturn on Spaceref

NASA Voyager Probe

ALPO Saturn section


Index - Uranus (NASA APOD)

Searching Uranus on Spaceref

ALPO Remote Planets section


Index - Neptune (NASA APOD)

Searching Neptune on Spaceref

ALPO Remote Planets section


Index - Pluto  

Searching Pluto on Spaceref

ALPO Remote Planets section

See also "Astronautics - Space exploration", "Eclipse", "Education", "Ephemerides", "Forum", "Images", "Meteors", "Meteorites", "Observatories", "Photometry", "SETI", "Software".

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