The first three instruments are mine (now only the first and the third), the last one is property of CAST


Most used, the Marcon 200mm, a F/5 Newton

Bought in 1995 (after 11 year with the 114mm), has been used for deep-sky photographs til 1999, year with very awful weather when I thought to choose a dobson to gain precious time against the clouds. In 2003, because of the webcam revolution is come back in use on Moon and planets, alternating with the C11 (see under).


Only visual, but very heavily used, the 300mm Dobson

Bought for Christmas 1999, it quickly became my faithful mate, taking the objects observed in 2000 to the number of 300, as many as I've observed til that year! The good diameter and the great ease of use make it very powerful scope. I sold it (to a friend) only to buy a bigger one!


The new dobson, partially homemade: 460mm X 45 kg

This is the final telescope for visual observing, assembled with parts made by friends and craftsmen, resulting in a very low bill. In the near future, I hope to give it the tracking.


"Celestino", the Newton 350 F/5 of the observatory of the CAST; piggybacked there is a C11

The observatory instruments: dedicated to deep sky a newton 350mm F/5 coupled to a SBIG ST-10XME (formerly a ST-9), for the high resolution a Celestron C11 (280mm F/10)