My name's Paolo Beltrame, I'm 30 years ols, working in IT.

I am fond of astronomy since 1983, I started observing with a telescope (the magic newton 4-1/2") in 1984, and teh first nice shot of the Moon came in 1990. In 1993, I iscribed to just formed CAST (Circolo Astrofili Talmassons), which made me grow much in experience

My big passion is the deep sky, concretizzata per anni nella fotografia con obbiettivi fotografici e un Newton da 20 cm, In the last years, with the Dobsons I rediscovered visual observations. However I like many fields of astronomy, like Moon and planets or ccd imaging. I also have a little passion for the unusual objects, like the space station, or the gravitational lens.

Even if I seem an astrophotographer, lost behind the pc screen to process images, my real passion is visual observing, even if sky conditions are worsing year after year.

If a ray of light started from Andromeda Galaxy has runned for two million years to get to Earth, why waste it with film or CCD? My eyes are calling it! That's the reason of my motto LET THE PHOTONS COME TO ME

This site is made of the photographic section (click on the Moon at left), and the textual section (buttons at top) .
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Me and my fiancče Sonia