I used much Skysensor 2000 with my old SP-DX mount and learned how to appreciate it. At the time of the sale of my SP-DX I thus preserved my SS2000 while hoping to be able to adapt it on my G11.

The thing seemed feasible since others had already done it. My personal specifications were nothing to machine on G11 to be able, in the event of failure, (and yes, one, is well forced to think of it) to go up the original motorization. 

Moreover, I wished not to use the SS2K gears to remove the backlashes which they induced.

This imposes a Re-parameter setting of the characteristics of reduction of G11: -036x360 instead of 036x144 for the SP-DX.

I thus started by raising the dimensions and drawing the G11 interfaces motors/mount  in traditional version. Then I drew plates and sleeves of mechanically adaptation  to return the engines of the SS2K compatibles  with those of G11.

New caps for the Vixen engines were even designed, but a little too difficult to machine for me, they will remain as project. Those are drawn on the overall level.

The plans are in PDF format, I can provide them in DXF. for the interesting people


To download the overall drawing of the adaptation 

For an axis, you need three parts: 

- A motor plate, screwed on the SS2K motor by its 4 original threadings .

This plate includes a large hole making it possible to let pass the extension part of axis (show here with a piece of the Losmandy coupling) and 4 holes in which one sees the 4 fastening screws on mounting. 

It is necessary to envisage by axis, 4 screws CHc M3x10 and 4 screws CHc M3x12

To download  motor plate drawing.


- A mount plate mounting, screwed on G11 mount by the two fastening screws of the Losmandy motors.

This plate is screwed on mount by its two original screws and includes 4 threadings making it possible to screw on it the motor plate. The same large hole makes it possible to  pass the axis of the SS2K motor.

Download mount plate drawing.


- An axis adapter, fixed on the axis of the engine of the SS2K, transforming the diameter of axis of the SS2K into diameter identical to that of the Losmandy engine.

Donwload axis adaptator drawing.


After machining and assembly of the parts and modification of the caps of the  SS2K motors, first test. Catastrophe, the yellow keys for manual pointing do not work when the required sign "-"  is put in the SS2K motors parameters.

There is a bug in this software version of the SS2K (V2.09). The only way of solve this problem it is to wire motors (MT3) so that they turn to back

It is probable that only this version of the SS2K is affected of this bug. After having carried out this small modification, all functions with wonder. The parameters which I use are as follows (after modification of wiring):

Speed: 0000-0800/8/8 32 2.0

Gear : +036x360 +036x360

Modification of wiring to make turn the engines to back :

- Reverse the wire red and black which go directly to the engine (pins 1 and 4 of base plate DIN 8pts)

- Swap channels A and B of the encoder so that the SS2K sees the engine turning in the good direction (pins 2 and 8 of base plate DIN 8pts)

And it is done !!   This is to be made for the two engines.

Do not hesitate to contact me for all questions