I am a Marine Biologist and a Professor at the University of Lisbon/Portugal (Faculty of Sciences) where I teach Animal Biology, Marine Biology and Biological Oceanography. I have a PhD in Animal Ecology (1984) and my current research interests deal mainly with the study of Plankton and Benthos Ecology.

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Name: Pedro Miguel Alfaia Barcia

In the photo I am in the middle of two colleagues slightly taller than me: (Left) Tomas Gröhsler (Germany); (right) Alberto Garcia (Spain).

Present Address:

Departamento de Biologia Animal.
Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa.
Bloco C2, Campo Grande.
1749-016 Lisboa. Portugal
Tel.- +351 217500000
Fax- +351 217500169

Laboratório Marítimo da Guia.
Av. Nossa Senhora do Cabo, 939.
2750-374 Cascais. Portugal
Tel. +351 214869211
Fax +351 214869720


Email- EMAIL


Lisbon, Portugal. 1956.12.24




  • Queen Elizabeth's School, Lisbon (1959-1966).
  • (High School) Externato Marista de Lisboa (1966-1971).
  • (High School) Liceu Normal Pedro Nunes (1971-1973).
  • (University) Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa (1973-1978).


  • Degree "Licenciatura" in Biology- University of Lisbon (1978)
  • Doctoral Dissertation (Animal Ecology)- University of Lisbon (PhD) (1984).
  • Agregation (Agregação)- University of Lisbon (1991)

    Teaching Experience:

  • Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa.
  • Monitor (1976-1979). Assistant (1979-1984).
  • Assistant Professor (1984-1991).
  • Assistant Professor with Agregation (1991)
  • Associate Professor with Agregation (1999)
  • General Zoology, Animal Biology, Animal Physiology, Ichthyology, Biological Oceanography, Marine Pollution, Marine Biology, Marine Ecology (pratical and theoretical courses)

    Research Interests:

  • Ichthyoplankton ecology.
  • Ecology of the planktonic phase of sardine and anchovy.
  • Daily growth of fish larvae based on the microstructure of the otoliths.
  • Rhythms of activity of fish larvae.
  • Fisheries Biology.
  • Benthic Ecology.
  • Intertidal Ecology.


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