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  • Progressive scan type 2/3" CCD, super-high-resolution with 1.4 million pixels (1280x1024)
  • 5.1 cm polysilicone TFT display for frame and focus adjustment in preview mode
  • Camera control with handswitch, avoids vibrations of camera head and guarantees sharp images
  • Photometric system with integral (30 %) and spot (1 %) metering possibility
  • Automatic exposure adjustment with auto-exposure lock +/- 3 step compensation
  • JPEG image format with three resolution modes
  • 3.3 V SmartMedia (SSFDC) with 4 MB or 8 MB intermediate image storage without PC
  • Direct printing to Olympus P-330E high resolution dye-sublimation printer (306 dpi)
  • Camera control with personal computer via serial interface RS 232C optional