Fujifilm FinePix MX-700

Fujifilm Finepix MX-700 Fujifilm Finepix MX-700
FujiFilm MX-700 (Great little point and shoot camera)
1.3 million effective pixels
1.5 million pixel sensor
35 mm fixed lens

Fujifilm FinePix 40i

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Fujifilm Finepix 40i Fujifilm Finepix 40i
FujiFilm FinePix 40i (One of the smallest CCD camera on the market)
2.4 million effective pixels
2.4 million pixel sensor
36 mm fixed lens

Image size - Fujifilm Finepix 40i (0.5 reduction)
Image size - Fujifilm Finepix 40i (0.5 reduction)

Fujifilm FinePix S1 Pro

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Fujifilm Finepix S1 Pro

Fujifilm Finepix S1 Pro

Image size - Fujifilm Finepix S1 Pro (0.5 reduction)
Image size - Fujifilm Finepix S1 Pro (0.5 reduction)

Sensor (CCD/CMOS) size
Digital SLR Cameras (2004)

Fujifilm's S1 Pro is a digital SLR camera based on a Nikon 35mm body.

As an SLR, it benefits from the availability of Nikon's extensive lens range, but you need to stick to the D series lenses to get the full features of the camera. The CCD is smaller than a 35mm frame and you need to multiply the focal length of the 35mm lenses by 50 per cent to get the equivalent with this digital camera.

Battery power for the S1 Pro is supplied by two sets of batteries, with Lithium cells driving the camera systems (metering and focusing) and four AA batteries handling the digital side (colour LCD, writing to memory).

Unusually, the FinePix S1 Pro supports both Smart Media and CompactFlash, and you can have both in the camera at the same time and select between them. It's supplied with a 16MB Smart Media card as standard and also supports Type II CF cards, such as IBM's Microdrive.

In addition to the menus, which are accessed via the colour LCD, most operational settings are adjusted via another orange LCD and four function buttons.

A direct comparison with the resolution of other digital cameras is awkward because the FinePix S1 Pro uses Fujifilm's new hexagonal SuperCCD which, while having an actual pixel count of 3.4 Megapixels, uses the octagonal design of the CCD to bring the vertical and horizontal borders closer together than conventional designs, resulting in an effective 6 Megapixel (3,040 by 2,016) image.

File sizes of captured images vary from 400KB up to 18MB for an uncompressed TIFF.

In addition to the digital features, the FinePix S1 Pro has 3D multi-pattern or centre-weighted metering, programmed exposure modes as well as shutter speed and aperture priority, exposure and flash compensation.

The FinePix S1 Pro offers ease of use, superb versatility, some innovative features and excellent image quality.

Type of Camera Interchangeable-Lens SLR-type digital camera
CCD sensor 23.3mm x 15.6mm Super CCD
Image File Size 3040 x 2016 (6.1 million pixels), 2304 x 1536, 1440 x 960 pixels
Sensitivity Equivalent to 320/400/800/1600
File format TIFF-RGB,TIFF-YC, JPEG (supports Exif ver 2.1 )
Design rule for Camera File system-compliant/DPOF-compatible
Storage Media Slot No.1 : SmartMedia Cards(3.3V, 2MB to 64MB/3.3V)
Slot No.2 : Compact Flash Card type II
Lens mount Nikon F mount
Usable Lenses AF Nikkor and AI-P-type Nikkor lenses (IX-Nikkors cannot be used)
Picture angle Approx. 1.5x focal length in 35mm[135] format equivalent
View finder Fixed-eye level penta-prism high-eye-point type
Frame coverage Approx. 90%
Shooting modes Single frame shooting, Continuous shooting: Approx. 1.5 frames/sec. up to 5 frames
Preview mode
Multiple exposure
Exposure Modes General Purpose Program
Auto-Multi Program (Flexible Program possible)
Shutter-priority Auto mode
Aperture-priority Auto mode
Manual Exposure Control mode
5 Variable-program mode (portrait, landscape, close-up, sport, night scene)
Exposure metering 1. 3D Matrix : with D-type AF Nikkor
2. 6 segment Matrix with non-D-type AF Nikkor or AI-P-Nikkor lenses
3. Center-weighed in Manual exposure mode or with Auto Exposure Lock
Exposure compensation 3 EV range in 1/3 EV increments
Autofocus detection system TTL phase detection
Detection range: EV -1 to EV 19 (ISO 100 equivalent, at normal temperature)
White Balance Auto/Fine, Shade(fine weather), Incandescent light, 3 modes for Fluorescent light, Custom setting
Shutter Electronically controlled vertical-travel focal-plane shutter
Shutter speed 30 to 1/2000 sec
Remote release Mechanical remote terminal
Built-in flash Guide No.15 (ISO 100m), effective for 28mm lens frame coverage
TTL - BL flash operations: Normal / slow-synchro / red-eye reduction / red-eye reduction with slow-synchro
Accessory shoe Standard ISO-type with hot-shoe contact, ready-light contact, TTL flash contact, monitor contact; mount receptacle for Posi-Mount system provided
Playback Function One frame, thumbnails in four segments, thumbnails in nine segments, playback zoom, histogram indication, standard chart
LCD monitor 2-inch, low-temperature, poly-silicon TFT (approx. 200,000 pixels)
Self timer 2 sec (quick mode) and 10 sec.
Video Output NTSC (USA/Canada model) or PAL (European model)
Digital interface USB
Power source 1. 4 AA type batteries: Alkaline, Ni-MH or Ni-Cd batteries can be used. (Manganese batteries cannot be used.) or AC power adapter for image-handling system
2. 2 Lithium batteries type CR123A for controlling camera system
Dimensions 5.8" (W) x 4.9" (H) x 3.1" (D)
Weight Approx. 29oz (without batteries and lens)