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hisis22 anatomy

Hisis-22 CCD camera
Hisis-22 CCD camera
Hisis-22 CCD camera
Compur mechanical shutter
Compur mechanical shutter

Messier Poster (Whole Messier Catalogue)

M57 C14 Hisis (1Min, 2Min, 3Min, 4Min, 5Min, 6Min, 7Min, 8Min, 9Min)
NGC4565 C14 Hisis22 (Mosaic Image 2x10Min)
NGC4762 C14 Hisis22 (6Min 3x2Min Addition)

Technical specifications

  • Kodak CCD KAF-0400, 768x512 pixels or Kodak KAF-0400L equipped with an anti-blooming system.
  • 9 micron square pixels, with a 100% surface sensivity (70% surface sensivity with KAF-0400L).
  • 6.9x4.6 mm2 photosensitive area.
  • Digitization on 14 bits (16384 levels of brightness).
  • Reading noise level equal to or less than 12 electrons. Gain 2.5 electrons per ADU.
  • Very low dark current (MPP technology).
  • Average typical increase in dark current less than 0.2 ADU per minute for a room temperature of +10oC.
  • Internally controlled by a microprocessor.
  • Maybe connected directly to the printer port by a 5m cord.
  • Cooling system regulated by a thermoelectric solid state device (2 cooling settings).
  • AC 110/220V power supply.
  • Reading modes- full format (768x512 pixels), programmable binning from two axes (the favored format for deep-sky imaging is the 2x2 binning, which produces a 384x256 pixel image that gathers the pixels in the CCD 2 by 2); frame transfer for planet imaging, possibility to configure the window; possibility to read only a limited zone of the CCD.
  • Reading time- 13 sec for a full format, 5 sec for 2x2 binning, 1 second for a 100x100 pixel window (PC 486 25MHz).
  • Telescope interface- 1.25" adapter or 2" adapter.
  • Optical head diameter- 100mm. Length- 90mm. Weight- 1.2Kg.
  • Acquisition software- QMips, Qmips32, WinMips.