Quick - MiPS32 CD ROM software package is the result of a 10 year experience in the field of CCD Astronomy. The authors of this package Christian Buil, Alain Klotz and Eric Thouvenot are well known names in the field of CCD Astronomy. Quick- MiPS32 is an extremely powerful DOS Based Astronomical image processing software package. You can utilize both interactive and automatic processing of your CCD images.

screen display for Qmips32

The main features are:

  • high speed processing
  • easy to use, professional looking graphical user interface
  • automatic pre-processing operations
  • powerful commands for photometric analysis (aperture photometry,surface photometry...)
  • can read the Guide Star Catalog (GSC) CD-ROMs
  • astrometry of wide star fields with automatic matching using the GSC
  • planetary cartography (make your own maps from your CCD images)
  • blink mode for detection of Supernovae, asteroides, comets etc.
  • animation of a sequence of images
  • advanced processing of colour images
  • polarimetric analysis
  • wavelet analysis
  • Radial Gradient, Maximum Entropy, Lucy Richardson are just a few of the numerous advanced filters available
  • can read images from the Buil-Thouvenot Atlas on CD-ROM
  • importation of images in the PIC format, and also in 8 or 16 bit FITS format, SBIG formats,BMP format,Tiff Format,ASCII format, and a very practical raw format.

QMiPS32 is a 32 bit program created for maximum speed. A Graphical Interface running under DOS makes the program easy to use. It runs via a protected memory mode to utilize all your computer"s memory (over the 1st 1 MB) . It will work with every compatible PC with 386 and over processors. It will run with 8MB RAM. But when using larger CCD cameras 16 MB of RAM is recommended.

for more information on QMIPS32 see: