88 Sagitta



English name:
see Stellar data. Coordonnées Céleste



A very small constellation lying south of the Fox, Vulpecula, and north of the Eagle, Aquila. As a matter of fact Sagitta is the third smallest constellation in the sky. It shows clearly the shape of an arrow flying towards the Swan, Cygnus.

Stars and other objects

The A3 main sequence star zeta Sge (5.00 mag) has a 9th mag companion. Small telescopes can resolve this pair.
WZ Sge is a nova which lightens up from time to time from 15th mag to 7th mag. It has been observed twice in this century: in 1913 and in 1946. Further outbursts may occur at any time.
In binoculares and small telescopes the globular cluster M71 appears as a misty patch of a sperical shape. Although it is nowadays classified as a globular cluster some authorities still refer to it as open star cluster. See the Messier database for details.

Mythological Background:

Sagitta is thought to be the arrow shot by Hercules as he is hunting the two birds, Aquila and Cygnus. But it seems that the had luck and escaped.