An upgrade does not need any installation process. But it requires that Visual Spec has been correctly installed and with a version not below 4.3.2 a minima

Upgrade download 

The included in zip file vspec.exe will have to replace your old vspec.exe file.

Download Vspec 4.4.7 here 
zip file, contains only Vspec.exe file

    Find a tutorial here. The manual is not updated yet. In this version: new redistribution of menu items within menus, internal changes to be W10 friendly

How to upgrade ? 

Upgrade of Visual Spec requires the simple download of the .exe file providing you have done once the full installation. 

1. Dowload the release. Check if there is no other required download if indicated.

2. Rename your current vspec.exe release (just in case...) 

3. Unzip the Vspec4xx.zip in your current Vspec application directory

4. Run vspec, go in the "?" menu, item "About..." - check the release identificateur, it has to be equal to the current Vspec Upgrade version