Celestron 8 Edge-HD and C8 classic


OLSO model :

- The model of the C8 Edge-HD is from [1]. It is reported the specifications were provided by Celestron to the authors of [1].

Radius of diffraction limited flat field :

- 0.25° from 465 to 656 nm according to Celestron WhitePaper and [1].

Field curvature :

- the C8 Edge-HD is designed to provide a flat-field..

Sensitivity to backfocus :


Strehl ratio versus wavelength :

Simulations with the OSLO model shows that the C8 Edge-HD is diffraction limited on axis from about 485 nm to beyond 900 nm. The performance drops below 450 nm because of spherochromatism.

Focus versus wavelength (to be updated):


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