High resolution lunar and planetary images

http://www.higginsandsons.com/astro/ : top lunar images

Anthony Wesley : top planetary images from Australia - web site describing a telescope optimised for high resolution imaging

http://www.damianpeach.com/ : top planetray imaging from Northern Hemisphere

Thierry Legault's home page

Nice deep-sky images

http://www.capella-observatory.com/ : high resolution deep sky images

Marc Jousset : some of the very best deep-sky images taken with a C14. His website provides a lot of detailed information on the optimisation of C14 optical tubes for deep-sky imaging (carbon tube, fans, mirror locking, flocking)

http://www.tvdavisastropics.com/astroimages-1_000092.htm : a reference for faint nebulae imaging (LBN and other)

http://astrosurf.com/nightpixels/accueil.htm : top H alpha imaging from Norther Hemisphere

Nice total solar eclipses images

http://www.zam.fme.vutbr.cz/~druck/Eclipse/ : best images and best processing by far

Wendy Carlos Total solar Eclipse Page

Fred Espenak's Eclipse home page

Solar images

Big Bear Observatory



Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers (A.L.P.O.)

British Astronomical Association (B.A.A.)

Société Astronomique de France (S.A.F.)

Weather and seeing forecasts - Satellite images

http://www.meteoblue.com/fr/ : nebolosity and seeing forcecasts

http://www.skippysky.com.au/Europe/ : nebulosity and seeing forecasts

http://www.meteo60.fr/satellites/sat_vis.php : white light and IR satellites images

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