Dramatic change of the M1 nebula aspect for different angles of the polaroid analyseur: 0°, 45°, 90° and 135°. 60-cm telescope of Pic du Midi Observatory. The polarization is here near 30%

Polarization field of M1 superimposed on a grey image (left) and an isophotal image (right). Polarization images processed with the command POLAR of Iris.  The map is generated with the command POLAR_CARTO and it is simply added to a grey scale image or an isophotal image (ADD command)

Polarization field of the comet Hyakutake (March 03, 1996). Image obtained with a 5-inch Takahashi refractor in the R-band. Note that the polarization plane is oriented perpendicular to the Sun direction. The mean degree of polarization is of 6%. It is easy to obtain an image of this type through a Circular Polarization filter available in all photographic shop.

Polarization of the Moon. Left: an albedo image at the full moon. Right: the polarization map in false color at the same moment (the degree of polarization is here between 1.0 and 3.6%).

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