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What is the EM-200 ?


The EM-200 is a German type equatorial mount manufactured by Takahashi since 1989. Was designed for compact portability and can upload 18kg, using high performance pieces provides very accurate tracking and goto operation for any number of photo/visual applications.

All components of the equatorial mount like motors, wires, worms are integrated in the inside of the mount. This protect the mount from the outside hard enviromental conditions during the night, and facilitates the assembly/disassembly of the equatorial mount by the user. Even the counterweight shaft is retractable into the equatorial mount.






EM-200 characteristics


*    Type

German equatorial with dual axis drive motors, built-in drive corrector, iluminated polar axis finder, bubble level.

*    RA slow motion

Round worm wheel (180:1) by motor drive only.

*    DEC slow motion

Round worm wheel (180:1) by motor drive only.

*    Azimuth adjustment

Adjustable 15' in either direction.

*    Setting circles

RA driven: 10' increments. DEC: 2 increments.

*    Loading capacity


*    Gross weight


*    Polar axis finder

Built-in with setting accuracy pattern good until 2030 in either hemisphere, polar illuminator and bubble level built-in.


Temma2 Specifications


*    Application

EM-10 Temma2Jr., EM-200 Temma2Jr., EM-200 Temma2, EM-400 Temma2, NJP Temma2, JP-Z Temma2, EM-500 Temma2.

EM-11Temma2M, EM-200Temma2M, EM-400Temma2M, EM-500Temma2M.

EM-11Temma2Z, EM-200Temma2Z, EM-400Temma2Z, EM-500Temma2Z.

*    Drive System

Dual axes, quartz control. Driving frecuency: 100pps (200pps for NJP/JP-Z, 240pps for EM-400).

*    Usable Area

All over the world, but with limit for the latitude for some models.

*    High Speed Drive

Working voltage DC 12V DC 24V
EM-10 Temma2Jr. 120X 250X
EM-200 Temma2Jr. 120X 250X
EM-200 Temma2 350X 700X
NJP / JP-Z Temma2 175X 350X
EM-400 Temma2 250X 500X
EM-500 Temma2 260X 520X
EM-10 Temma2M / Z 150X -
EM-200 Temma2M / Z 700X -
EM-400 Temma2M / Z 500X -
EM-500 Temma2M / Z 400X -

*    Correcting speed (manual operation)

RA: 0.1 - 1.9X to the sideral rate by 0.1x increments. DEC: +-1.5 - 13.5 arc sec/sec by 1.5 arc sec/sec increments.

*    Power source

DC 12V or DC 24V.

Temma2M / Z operates only at DC 12V.

*    Power consumption (sideral rate / high speed/ start)

Working voltage DC 12V DC 24V
EM-10 Temma2Jr. 0.25 / 0.88 A 0.22 / 0.9 A
EM-200 Temma2Jr. 0.28 / 0.94 A 0.26 / 1.94A
EM-200 Temma2 0.42 / 0.94 A 0.35 / 1.07A
NJP / JP-Z Temma2 0.44 / 0.71 A 0.35 / 0.84 A
EM-400 Temma2 0.5 / 0.7 A 0.4 / 0.9 A
EM-500 Temma2 0.52 / 0.73 A 0.39 / 0.76 A
EM-10 Temma2M / Z 0.8 / 3.6 / 5.3 A -
EM-200 Temma2M / Z 0.8 / 3.5 / 5.1 A -
EM-400 Temma2M / Z 0.8 / 3.5 / 5.1 A -
EM-500 Temma2M / Z 0.8 / 3.5 / 3.6 A -

*    Go To Operation

By PC or THC hand controller optionally available.









1989/5: New product EM-200 equatorial mount.

1989/9/22: The EM-200 was selected in Japan as good design commodity by the Ministry of Trade and Industry. EM-200G.

1994/7/16-17: J.T.B Show '94: μ-300, FS-78, EM-2, EM-500, EMD-200.

1997/5: New product announcement, EM-200USD.

1997/6: J.T.B Show '97: ε-350, FS-152, EM-10, EM-200USD.

1998/5: New product EM-200 Temma equatorial mount.

1998/8: Astronomical guide September edition: EM-200.

1999/6: J.T.B Show '99: BRC-250, FSQ-106, 22x60, Temma200, TG-SP, NJP.

2000/6: New product EM-200 TemmaPC Jr equatorial mount.

2000/6/24-25: J.T.B Show '00: BRC-250, FSQ-106N, FS-78C, FS-60C, SKY90, EM-10/200 TemmaPC, TG-SP.

2000/7: New product EM-200 TemmaPC equatorial mount.

2000/9: Monthly astronomical July edition ' Telescope Review ': TemmaPC.

2001/2: Monthly astronomical March edition ' Telescope Review ': SKY90USD- II.

2001/6: J.T.B Show '01: BRC-250, FSQ-106N, FS-78C, FS-60C, EM-200TemmaPC-THC.

2002/7: New product Temma2 and Temma2 Jr series equatorial mounts (EM-10, EM-200, EM-500 and NJP) announcement.

2002/7: New USDIII Equatorial Series (EM-10, EM-200) released.

2009/7/28: New product announcement, Temma2M Takahashi goto system.

2015/11/20: End of production for Temma2M. Replacement product's announcement expected for the end of year 2015.

2015/12/21: New product announcement, Temma2Z Takahashi goto system.

2017/02/24: New product announcement, FG-Temma2Z Takahashi goto system. Available firmware update from T2Z to FG-T2Z. No plans for EM-500.

2020/01/16: End of production for Temma2Z. Replacement by Temma3.

2020/05/25: New product announcement, Temma3 Takahashi goto system.






Specifications EM-200 USD3 EM-200 TEMMA2 Jr. EM-200 TEMMA2 EM-200 TEMMA2M / Z
Max. Loading Capacity 18kg 18kg 18kg 18kg
Weight 15kg 15kg 15kg 15kg
Counterweights 5kg x 2 5kg x 2 5kg x 2 5kg x 2
Tracking accuracy 5" 5" 5" 5"
RA worm gear period 8min 8min 8min 8min
RA setting circle division 10arcmin 10arcmin 10arcmin 10arcmin
DEC setting circle division 2 2 2 2
Operation Voltage 12V / 24V 12V / 24V 12V / 24V 12V
Power Consumption at 12V Tracking: 0.3A; HSM: 2.0A Tracking: 0.3A; HSM: 2.0A Tracking: 0.3A; HSM: 1.6A Tracking: 0.3A; HSM: 1.6A; Start: 5.1A
Power Consumption at 24V Tracking: 0.3A; HSM: 2.0A Tracking: 0.3A; HSM: 2.0A Tracking: 0.3A; HSM: 1.9A -
GOTO (encoders) - Included Included Included
High Speed mode (HSM) 12V: 120x; 24V: 240x 12V: 120x; 24V: 250x 12V: 350x; 24V: 700x 700x
Low Speed mode (LSM) 0.1x to 1.9x ( 0.1x increments ) 0.1x to 1.9x ( 0.1x increments ) 0.1x to 1.9x ( 0.1x increments ) 0.11x to 1.99x ( 0.1x increments )
RA gear diameter 92mm / 180 teeth 92mm / 180 teeth 92mm / 180 teeth 92mm / 180 teeth
RA axis diameter 40mm 40mm 40mm 40mm
DEC gear diameter 92mm / 180 teeth 92mm / 180 teeth 92mm / 180 teeth 92mm / 180 teeth
DEC axis diameter 40mm 40mm 40mm 40mm
Counterweights shaft diameter 18mm 18mm 18mm 18mm
Azimuth adjustment 15 15 15 15
Elevation adjustment ML: 0-50 ; HL: 20-50 ML: 0-50 ; HL: 20-50 ML: 0-50 ; HL: 20-50 ML: 0-50 ; HL: 23-63
Polar finder Built-in included Built-in included Built-in included Built-in included








EM-200 Temma2 Jr.



Acceleration/Deceleration in HSM and LSM:























EM-200 Series







EM-200 USD



EM-200 Temma


EM-200 Temma Jr.




EM-200 Temma PC












EM-200 Temma 2




EM-200 Temma 2 Jr.






EM-200 USD-3




EM-200 Temma2M









Old autoguide connector





Temma / Temma 2


TRS02320   RS-232C cable

Autoguide connector


TAC03007   autoguide cable for ST-4 (DB15)

TAC03008   autoguide cable for ST-7 (DB9)

TAC03009   autoguide cable for STV

TAC03010   autoguide cable for Starshoot, QHY-5, LodestarX2 (st4 pinouts)



Temma 2M


TRS02320   RS-232C cable

Autoguide connector


TAC03002   autoguide cable for ST-4 (DB15)

TAC03003   autoguide cable for ST-7 (DB9)

TAC03004   autoguide cable for STV

TAC03005   autoguide cable for Starshoot, QHY5, LodestarX2 (st4 pinouts)











Akihiko Ito

Takahashi Europe

Takahashi Seisakusho Ltd


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