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History & famous faces

Index at St Andrew University (mathematicians)

Bruno Giordano

Bruce Medalists (some 100 people with links)

Center for Archaeoastronomy

Copernic N. (Torun University)

Dobson J. (Magicpubs)

Flammarion C. (Ministère de la Culture, France)

Flammarion C. (Société Astronomique de France)

Gagarin Yuri (Northstar) (Northstar)

Galileo, da Vinci, Torricelli (IMSS)

Galileo's Codex 72 (IMSS/Max Planck)

Gamow George (U.Colorado)

HAO Education pages

Hawking S. (official UK website)

Hawking S. (PBS)

Hawking S. (Nick Donaldson)

Lord Rosse - 72" Birr Castel telescope (Ireland)

Newton I. (Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences)

Newton I. (links from NIMS)

Observatoire de Paris (Biographie de ses directeurs)

Reber Grote (NRAO, radioastronomer)

Reeves H. (Happyones)

Rubin Vera Cooper

Russel P. (Stellafane)

Sagan C.

Sagan C. (Carl Sagan Productions)

Sagan C. (Tribute from The Planetary Society)

Scientific Community of 16-17th centuries (U.Rice)

Shoemaker G. (USGS)

Shoemaker G. (Carolyn Porco)

Tombaught Clyde W. (KLX)

Tycho B. (Tycho Brahe Planetarium, Danemark)

Tycho B. (NADA, Sweden)

Von Braun W. (NASA MSFC)

Zwicky Fritz

See also "Books"..

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Illustrators (Artwork)

Bergeron Joe

Bonestell Chesley

Cook Lynette R.

Robinson David

Darling David

Dixon Don (Cosmographia)

Davis Don


Eggleton Bob


Flynn Marilynn

Guidice Rick

Garling Mark (Space-Art)

Hartmann, William K.

Hardy David A.

IAAA - International Association of Astronomical Artists

Martin Greg (see also his wallpapers)

Miller Ron

Rawlings Pat

Riddle Mark

Schaller Adolf (Omni Cosmos Studios)

Stewart Andrew C.

Tonge Gary

Timeworks Studio

Veenenbos Kees

Image gallery (Amateurs + some entreprises)


AstroArts (Japan)


Ayiomamitis Anthony

Albers Steve

Badin Jean-Louis (Observatoire Sirène)

Bartels Mel

BenDaniel Matt

Bright Rick

Carlson Todd - Tripod Simple astrophotography

Cash Ray (SFSA)

Christen Roland (Astro-Physics)

Cook Chris

Cook Mike (AF9Y)

Cortner David

Covington Michael

CV-Helios Images

Dal Lago Giovanni (Officina Stellare)

Deforeit's Astrim

Delloume Vincent

Drozd Alain

Dubois Francky

Faranda Chuck

Fujii Akira (via D.Malin)

Galli Richard (Night Pixels)

Gauthier Sébastien

Gendler Robert

Girimont Steve's Imagination Box

Grafton Ed

Gralak Ray

Gruppo Omega (Salvo Massaro, Supernovae)

Hallas, Tony and Daphne

Hanon David

Harris Bill

Heller Dan (Pro)

Heudier Jean-Louis' Astrorama

Keel Bill's GIF farm

Kelly Al

Kitahara Yuuji (Beautiful Universe)

Kovacsy Arpad

Kunihiko Okano

Kurita Naoyuki

Lambert Thierry

Lawrence Pete

Legault Thierry

Lewis Jason

Licha Tom (The astroscopic labs)

Lodriguss Jerry's Astropix

Lovato Lorenzo

Mattsson Mats

MacQuarrie Jeff

Manchester Astronomical Society, members

McCubbin John

McLaughlin William

Mengoli Giorgio

Middleton Bobby

Mollise Rod

Nardella Sandro

Newton Jack

NOAO Amateur Advanced Program

Numazawa Shigemi

Peyro Michel

Pettengill Rob

Puckett Tim


Ré Pedro

Reeves Robert

Regnier Jacques-André

Roger Benjamin

Schmidling Jack

Parviainen Pekka (Polar Image)

Peach Damian

Perkins Phillip (Astro Cruise)

RC Optical Systems' gallery

Reeves Robert

Riikonen Marko

Schedler Johannes (Panther Observatory)

Seip Stefan

Smaal Jeroen

Strange David (Worth Hill Observatory)

Suzuki Shoji

Tanaka Kazuyuki

Townsend Bob

Treacy Mike

TWAN - The World At Night

Vanhoeck Luc

Vaughn Chuck (AA6G)

Venturin Giacomo

Wallis Brady

Ware Jason

Wei Leong Tan

Wired Space Photo of the Day (2014, 2013, 2012)

Young James W.

See also "Astronautics", "Astro-Inn", "Astrometry", "Astrophysics", "Biology", "Clubs & Associations", "Education", "Instruments", "Material-Manufacturers", "Meteorology", "Observatories".

Image gallery (Professional astronomers)

Atlases & catalogs (Level5)

2MASS Atlas Image Gallery (IPAC)

Alaska Climate Research Center (Jan Curtis's auroras)

Anglo-Australian Observatory Images

Apollo Image Atlas (LPI)

ARC Telescope (NMSU)

Astro-Gallery (IT)

Astro-Library (SYZ)

Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD)

AstronomyPlus  - University of Oregon

Caldwell Catalog (Deep-Sky UK)

CDS - Simbad (Astrometry with images)

CDS - Aladin Preview

Celestial Images Astrophotography

CERN Photo index


CfA Redshift Survey (zcat)

Consolidated Lunar Atlas (LPI)

DSS - Digital Sky Survey (STSCI)

DSS - Digital Sky Survey (ESO archive)

Earth Science Picture of the Day (EPOD)

Electronic PictureBooks (STSCI Exined)

ESA gallery (ESRIN)

ESO - Press release

ESO and Space Telescope Science Archive Facilities

Galileo mission (NASA/JPL)

George Eastman House (Moon images)

Goggle Maps

Goggle Sky

ISO Multimedia (ES)

Hubble (ESA)

Hubble - Astrovirtel (7 TBytes on-line at ESO)

Hubble Space Telescope Latest (PIO)


Hubble Heritage Project (STSCI)

Infrared Astronomy gallery (IPAC)

Institute for Astronomy Hawaii (IfA)

IRAS Archives

HyperLEDA - Lyon-Meudon Extragalactic database

Lunar Photo Of the Day (LPOD)


Messier Catalog (SEDS, DSS)

NASA - MultiMedia Gallery (all centers)

NASA - Ames Imaging Library Server (AILS)

NASA - Dryden Flight Research Center

NASA - NSSDC - National Space Science Data Center


NASA - JPL (Maps)

NASA - JPL Video

NASA - JSC Imagery Services

NASA - Kennedy Media Gallery (KSC)

NASA Extragalactic Database (NED/IPAC)

NASA Images

NASA Planetary Photojournal

NASA Project Apollo Archive (on Flickr)

NASA SkyView on-line

NASA Spaceflight gallery


NCSA Astronomical Digital Image Library

NGC/IC project

NOAO Photo Library

NOAA Photo Library

NSSDC PhotoGallery (NASA GSFC)

Ohio State University (Gallery)

Operations Significant Event Imagery (global catastrophes)

ORBIMAGE (Earth from satellites)

PDI - Public Domain Images

PDS - Map-A-Planet, The Moon (Clementine)

PDS Image Atlas (JPL, raw images of space missions)

Photometric atlas (Supernovae.net)

RealSky CD-ROM (but withdrawed)

RFO - The Dr. Richard Feynman Observatory

NSO - Live Images of the Sun


SDSS- Sloan Digital Sky Survey



SOHO Latest images (SDAC)

Spaceflight - Gallery (NASA)

Space Imaging (images of the Earth, 1m res.)


SpaceWeather (Gallery)

SPOT Image (Airbus)

Sun Now (H-alpha)

TerraServer Image Page (images of the Earth, 0.25m res.)

The Galaxy Catalog (Zsolt Frei)

University of Alabama

Visible Earth (NASA)


WIYN Images

Sketches at the eyepiece

Andreas Domenico

Armagh Observatory Archives (Lord Rosse)

Astro Dessin (Dobsonien 460 mm de Serge Vieillard)

Astrogeology Research Program (Anthony Sanchez)

Allison Mark

Ciel Extrême

Daniel Restemeier's Astronomische Zeichnungen


Galidakis Ioannis

Jon Webdale's Astro skteches

Liro's deepsky pages

Mt Wilson 150 Foot Solar Tower (UCLA)

Sketching the Night Sky (RASC)

Regulus (John A. Blackwell)

Scott's sketches of Deep Space Objects

Transit of venus of 1874 (Henry Chamberlain Russell)

Will Gater Astrophotography (sketches)

Wallpapers (space related and other)

Cognitive Distortion

Gallery of 3D

Nova Space

Scanning Electron Microscope (animal, vegetable, mineral)

Solar Voyager (several illustrators)

SuperStock (Wallpapers)


Wallpapers HQ

Webshots (Wallpapers)

Instruments making (amateurs)

Barndoor camera mounting (mini-equatorial)

Astronomy Boy' barndoor



Tonkin Stephen

CCD Experiments

Astro CCD (VUB)


Audine (Christian Buil)

Berry Richard's Cookbook Camera (CCD)

Capella Observatory

Super resolution (A.Cidadão)

Delloume Vincent (CookBook245 modifiée)

Kovacsky Arpad (APN)

Uranos  - Dissassemble a quickcam

Visions du ciel (Vincent Visonneau)


Astrophotography Related Articles by AA6G

Dear Meadow Observatory texts

La collimation par Thierry Legault

How to collimate your Newtonian reflector (S&T)

Lenses & Eyepieces

ATM lenses & eyepieces - Peter Smith

The ATM eyepieces - Marcus Hennecke


Astrophotography Related Articles by AA6G

Observatory and Scope building

Altaz (Dobson)

Faranda Chuck (14")

German Equatorial Mount (Chris Heapy)

Aristarque (Celestar)

Durey (Newtonien de 400mm)

Jason Lewis (Meade 12")

Peyro Michel (Newtonien de 600mm)

Puckett Tim (24.25")

Telescope Amateur

The 150mm reflector

Polar alignement (méth.Bigourdan)

Advantages of Polaris Observations in Land Surveying

Articles divers de Sébastien Caille

Astrophotography Related Articles by AA6G

Celestron Polar Alignment Procedure

CCD Polar alignment

Dear Meadow Observatory texts

Drift method of alignment for LX200 (P.Perkins)

Toby's polar alignment

Weasner's Meade ETX Buyer-User Tips

Weasner's Meade ETX TechTips

Solar instrument and related

Cadrans solaires

Commission des Cadrans solaires (SAF)

Fabriquer un coronographe (S.Bertorello)

Other project

Sky & Telescope (Howto and Resources pages)

Cidadão (CCD, time-lapse animations and 3D-images)

Hypercamera (l'hypersensibilisation au gaz H/N)

Hyperfilm (commercial)

See also "Books", "Clubs & Associations", "Images", "Material", "Radioastronomy".

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