Welcome to my astronomy and space related page!

About me


I started in amateur astronomy in 1997 using a 2.4'' altazimutal refractor and a 4.5'' German equatorial reflector.
Shortly after, I got involved in an amateur astronomy association where I learned about adapting webcams to do astrophotography. At the time these cameras were a very interesting way of entering into CCD imaging for a small price. Also, they allowed to get good results from modest telescopes.

A few years latter my imaging setup evolved into a fixed observatory with a Celestron 8'' SCT mounted on a Vixen SuperPolaris mount, a Starlight MX516 CCD with USB interface and a Logitech QuickCam Pro 4000.

As my life evolved and I got new interests, my hobbies changed into astronautics and image processing. So I started to reprocess with modern techniques images taken by older space probes. You can also find those images here, along with some explanation of the processing used.