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Processed images from the Zond 3 mission

Here are processed images from the Zond 3 mission. These are the first clear images from the Moon's far side, obtained in 1965.
The original images (and extensive information) can be found here:,

Processing consisted on removal of vertical and horizontal image stripes and noise reduction. Parts with missing data were painted with a uniform gray and the black sky background painted black.

Partial mosaics were created using some frame sequences. Spacecraft movement requires some re-projection of the images in order to create a global mosaic. This was done in the "all frames mosaic", were all returned images were used to increase area coverage and improve signal-to-noise ratio of the final image.

Zond 3 mosaics

Camera data

Camera system data

Transmission: Digital pulse-position modulation
Objective: 106 mm


Scanning - 67 and 1100 lines
Frames - 29 possible total frames, 27 obtained, 26 transmited