Supernovae - Year 2008

2008A NGC634 01h38.3m +35d22m27 2008dzNGC5123 13h23.2m +43d06m1
2008B NGC5829 15h02.7m +23d20m4 2008eaNGC7624 23h20.4m +27d19m4
2008C UGC3611 06h57.2m +20d26m4 2008ebNGC6574 18h11.9m +14d59m5
2008D NGC2770 09h09.5m +33d08m14 2008ecNGC7469 23h03.3m +08d52m4
2008E Anonymous 11h25.6m +52d08m3 2008edUGC2740 03h26.7m +07d43m1
2008F MCG-01-8-15 02h54.9m -06d22m2 2008eeNGC307 00h56.5m -01d46m2
2008G UGC2851 03h45.8m +46d40m2 2008efNGC3241 10h24.3m -32d29m5
2008H Anonymous 09h47.2m -24d50m4 2008egUGC1324 01h51.6m +19d06m1
2008I Anonymous 11h56.2m +60d32m3 2008ehNGC2997 09h45.8m -31d11m1
2008J Anonymous 02h34.4m -10d51m4 2008eiPGC68507 22h17.6m +33d15m2
2008K Anonymous 11h38.2m -23d26m4 2008ejUGC276 00h28.0m +30d46m3
2008L NGC1259 03h17.3m +00d00m26 2008ekIC1181 16h05.6m +17d36m3
2008M ESO121-026 06h21.7m -59d44m2 2008elPGC70567 23h08.8m +20d04m1
2008N NGC4273 12h19.9m +05d20m2 2008emMCG-04-53-33 22h44.6m -21d55m2
2008O ESO256-G11 06h57.6m -45d49m1 2008enUGC564 00h55.2m +35d26m1
2008P NGC2550A 08h28.7m +73d45m7 2008eoUGC442 00h41.9m +32d59m2
2008Q NGC524 01h25.0m +09d33m40 2008epUGC826 01h17.7m +43d39m3
2008R NGC1200 03h03.9m -12d00m8 2008eqAnonymous 17h00.1m +23d08m2
2008S NGC6946 20h34.8m +60d06m9 2008erUGC1563 02h04.6m +47d56m1
2008T UGC3304 05h25.5m +21d52m2 2008esAnonymous 11h56.8m +54d27m1
2008U Anonymous 13h59.8m +40d23m3 2008etESO283-G4 19h32.9m -45d13m2
2008V Anonymous 04h29.5m -26d43m3 2008euESO289-G10 22h16.7m -47d07m1
2008W Anonymous 08h36.3m -20d17m2 2008evUGC10155 16h03.0m +39d39m1
2008X 0 2008ewIC1236 16h58.5m +20d03m2
2008Y Anonymous 11h19.5m +54d28m2 2008exUGC11428 19h20.5m +30d50m8
2008Z Anonymous 09h43.3m +36d17m2 2008eyIC262 02h51.7m +42d50m2
2008aaUGC7799 12h37.9m +34d02m2 2008ezAnonymous 13h34.9m +13d44m1
2008abAnonymous 11h34.8m +53d58m1 2008faNGC6722 19h03.7m -64d53m7
2008acAnonymous 11h53.8m +48d25m1 2008fbUGC2813 03h42.6m +71d19m1
2008adAnonymous 12h49.6m +28d20m1 2008fcUGC2883 03h52.2m -01d31m3
2008aeIC577 09h56.1m +10d30m2 2008fdESO466-G24 21h58.2m -27d23m2
2008afUGC9640 14h59.5m +16d39m1 2008feUGC9578 14h53.8m +20d07m1
2008agIC4729 18h39.9m -67d26m2 2008ffPGC64319 20h14.0m -44d21m2
2008ahPGC32586 10h51.8m +03d47m2 2008fgNGC1268 03h18.7m +41d29m1
2008aiMCG+06-24-39 10h57.7m +37d40m1 2008fhAnonymous 03h20.3m +41d22m1
2008ajMCG+06-30-34 13h33.1m +33d09m1 2008fiAnonymous 01h53.4m +29d21m1
2008akUGC2519 03h09.4m +80d08m1 2008fjUGC10759 17h12.8m +42d49m2
2008alAnonymous 02h46.1m -07d39m1 2008fkAnonymous 02h34.1m +01d24m2
2008amAnonymous 12h28.6m +15d35m1 2008flNGC6805 19h36.7m -37d33m2
2008anUGC10936 17h38.5m +61d02m1 2008fmUGC12792 23h49.1m +26d48m1
2008aoAnonymous 03h07.8m +38d22m1 2008fnAnonymous 16h21.8m +37d04m1
2008apUGC3754 07h13.8m +12d20m1 2008foAnonymous 16h40.2m +39d44m1
2008aqAnonymous 12h50.5m -10d52m4 2008fpESO428-G14 07h16.5m -29d20m2
2008arIC3284 12h24.6m +10d50m1 2008fqNGC6907 20h25.1m -24d48m4
2008asESO567-G57 10h21.8m -19d30m3 2008frAnonymous 01h11.8m +14d38m1
2008atUGC5645 10h27.2m +71d25m2 2008fsAnonymous 01h09.1m +14d45m1
2008auAnonymous 11h30.6m +13d09m1 2008ft 0
2008avAnonymous 14h57.4m +23d24m1 2008fuESO480-IG21 03h02.5m -24d27m2
2008awNGC4939 13h04.2m -10d19m9 2008fvNGC3147 10h17.0m +73d25m83
2008axNGC4490 12h30.7m +41d38m69 2008fwNGC3261 10h28.9m -44d40m6
2008ayUGC8050 12h55.4m +52d16m2 2008fxAnonymous 02h11.6m +23d53m5
2008azUGC10721 17h08.4m +25d31m2 2008fyAnonymous 02h24.1m +26d40m2
2008baAnonymous 16h05.8m +19d27m1 2008fzAnonymous 23h16.3m +11d43m6
2008bbAnonymous 07h55.3m +20d39m1 2008gaAnonymous 04h45.4m +18d24m2
2008bcAnonymous 09h38.5m -63d58m3 2008gbUGC2427 02h58.0m +46d52m1
2008bdAnonymous 10h18.4m -13d06m2 2008gcAnonymous 02h10.6m -53d46m1
2008beNGC5671 14h27.8m +69d42m3 2008gdAnonymous 01h20.7m +14d42m1
2008bfNGC4055/4057 12h04.0m +20d15m7 2008geNGC1527 04h08.4m -47d54m7
2008bgAnonymous 12h51.2m +26d18m1 2008gfUGC5201 09h44.5m +55d46m2
2008bhNGC2642 08h40.8m -04d07m3 2008ggNGC539 01h25.4m -18d10m2
2008biNGC2618 08h35.9m +00d42m2 2008ghUGC3957 07h40.9m +55d26m1
2008bjMCG+08-22-20 11h51.8m +46d52m1 2008giAnonymous 02h44.0m +05d26m2
2008bkNGC7793 23h57.8m -32d33m8 2008gjNGC7321 22h36.5m +21d38m5
2008blUGC9317 14h30.2m +27d00m7 2008gkAnonymous 18h53.1m +38d46m1
2008bmAnonymous 13h03.0m +10d30m4 2008glUGC881 01h20.9m +04d48m3
2008bnNGC4226 12h16.4m +47d02m6 2008gmNGC7530 23h14.2m -02d47m1
2008boNGC6643 18h19.9m +74d34m11 2008gnAnonymous 04h06.5m +14d52m5
2008bpNGC3095 10h00.0m -31d33m1 2008goAnonymous 22h10.7m -20d47m1
2008bqESO308-G25 06h41.0m -38d02m1 2008gpMCG+00-9-74 03h23.0m +01d22m2
2008brIC2522 09h55.1m -33d08m1 2008gqMCG-02-26-39 10h11.1m -13d47m1
2008bsUGC4085 07h55.3m +53d20m2 2008grIC1579 00h45.5m -26d34m1
2008btNGC3404 10h50.3m -12d07m6 2008gsAnonymous 01h27.1m +03d13m3
2008buESO586-G2 16h47.4m -20d09m3 2008gtAnonymous 22h44.7m -03d09m1
2008bvUGC4653 08h53.9m +35d09m2 2008guAnonymous 01h13.7m +04d47m4
2008bwUGC11241 18h26.8m +51d08m1 2008gvAnonymous 01h52.5m +33d28m4
2008bxAnonymous 14h54.7m +42d01m1 2008gwAnonymous 04h39.4m +09d09m2
2008byAnonymous 12h05.3m +40d57m2 2008gxNGC3144 10h15.5m +74d13m3
2008bzAnonymous 12h39.0m +11d08m1 2008gyAnonymous 03h10.0m +19d13m1
2008caAnonymous 12h29.0m +12d22m1 2008gzNGC3672 11h25.1m -09d48m1
2008cbAnonymous 12h31.3m +08d23m1 2008haUGC12682 23h34.9m +18d14m4
2008ccESO107-G4 21h03.5m -67d11m2 2008hbAnonymous 22h25.2m -01d43m1
2008cdNGC5038 13h15.0m -15d57m2 2008hcAnonymous 23h38.5m +23d34m1
2008ceNGC4428 12h27.5m -08d10m2 2008hdAnonymous 23h54.1m -10d16m1
2008cfAnonymous 14h07.5m -26d33m2 2008heAnonymous 00h19.5m +28d52m1
2008cgAnonymous 15h54.3m +10d58m7 2008hfAnonymous 09h19.7m -12d14m1
2008chMCG-01-52-16 20h38.9m -05d38m2 2008hgIC1720 01h40.4m -28d55m0
2008ciMCG-01-1-5 23h56.8m -02d38m1 2008hhIC112 01h26.1m +11d26m2
2008cjAnonymous 12h31.8m +14d01m1 2008hiMCG-01-2-15 00h26.7m -03d36m2
2008ckAnonymous 15h22.7m +30d22m1 2008hjMCG-02-1-14 00h04.0m -11d10m3
2008clUGC10261 16h11.1m +52d27m2 2008hkAnonymous 09h12.7m +09d56m1
2008cmNGC2369 07h16.6m -62d19m1 2008hlAnonymous 23h00.7m +08d28m3
2008cnNGC4603 12h40.9m -40d58m3 2008hmAnonymous 03h27.2m +46d57m3
2008coIC2522 09h55.1m -33d08m1 2008hnAnonymous 08h14.2m +21d22m2
2008cpAnonymous 09h42.4m -03d45m1 2008ho 0
2008cqAnonymous 14h21.2m -29d15m1 2008hpAnonymous 09h43.4m +25d10m1
2008crAnonymous 11h43.6m +46d22m1 2008hqUGC3963 07h41.5m +51d41m3
2008csIRAS17138-1017 17h16.6m -10d21m1 2008hrAnonymous 09h18.9m +18d57m1
2008ctAnonymous 22h02.4m +18d19m1 2008hsNGC910 02h25.5m +41d51m2
2008cuAnonymous 19h14.3m +53d44m3 2008htAnonymous 09h24.4m +28d18m3
2008cvAnonymous 21h04.9m -21d44m2 2008huAnonymous 08h09.2m -18d39m2
2008cwAnonymous 16h32.6m +41d28m1 2008hvNGC2765 09h07.6m +03d24m12
2008cxNGC309 00h56.8m -09d54m1 2008hwAnonymous 22h39.8m -40d09m1
2008cyMCG-02-39-16 15h16.9m -13d25m2 2008hxAnonymous 10h13.0m +17d02m2
2008czAnonymous 11h23.2m +34d13m1 2008hyIC334 03h45.1m +76d40m16
2008daNGC6845A 20h01.0m -47d04m6 2008hzAnonymous 00h43.3m +42d10m2
2008dbNGC50 00h14.7m -07d19m3 2008iaESO125-6 08h50.6m -61d17m1
2008dcAnonymous 16h47.5m +09d18m1 2008ibESO323-25 12h52.6m -39d02m4
2008ddAnonymous 17h04.1m +21d36m7 2008icAnonymous 12h30.4m +41d36m1
2008deAnonymous 15h55.4m -09d42m1 2008idAnonymous 02h27.8m -04d35m1
2008dfAnonymous 16h06.4m +10d05m4 2008ieNGC1070 02h43.3m +04d58m3
2008dgAnonymous 12h58.8m +24d23m2 2008ifMCG-01-24-10 09h20.4m -07d53m5
2008dhAnonymous 00h35.2m +23d15m3 2008igESO269-20 12h58.1m -43d20m1
2008diAnonymous 12h16.7m +41d02m2 2008ihAnonymous 02h57.4m +12d58m1
2008djAnonymous 15h19.7m +06d17m1 2008iiPGC44965 13h02.1m -32d48m1
2008dkAnonymous 14h56.2m +18d51m1 2008ijNGC6643 18h19.9m +74d34m8
2008dlAnonymous 15h19.5m +48d54m1 2008ikAnonymous 03h36.2m -35d13m1
2008dmAnonymous 11h43.4m +46d05m1 2008ilESO355-G4 02h17.9m -34d48m1
2008dnAnonymous 22h11.7m +46d19m1 2008imPGC14286 04h01.0m +74d06m8
2008doAnonymous 13h05.2m +32d00m3 2008inM61 12h22.0m +04d29m29
2008dpESO320-26 11h49.8m -38d47m1 2008ioMCG-02-33-17 12h50.0m -14d43m2
2008dqUGC10214 16h06.1m +55d26m5 2008ipNGC4846 12h57.8m +36d23m7
2008drAnonymous 22h10.9m +02d06m2 2008iqAnonymous 10h39.4m +05d05m2
2008dsAnonymous 00h29.8m +31d24m2 2008irAnonymous 08h16.2m -07d22m2
2008dtAnonymous 16h56.5m +27d59m5 2008isAnonymous 07h35.2m +39d17m2
2008duAnonymous 22h56.2m +03d56m2 2008itAnonymous 00h20.5m +28d56m2
2008dvNGC1343 03h37.9m +72d34m1 2008iuAnonymous 04h36.9m -00d22m7
2008dwUGC8932 14h00.9m +41d00m2 2008ivAnonymous 09h39.8m +07d04m2
2008dxAnonymous 13h00.2m +27d57m1 2008zz 0
2008dyESO241-G23 00h10.8m -47d04m1     

Fig 1. SN 2008 (Full List)
4th Column is the Number of available CCD Measures
and links to the Measures Page

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