Filter transmission profiles

Copyrights : Fred Jabet, Alexandre Lhoest, Christian Viladrich, Simon de Visscher.
Measurements with Ocean Optics HR4000 spectrometer, résolution 0.27 nm

UV Filters
Andover 396-5 nm
Astrodon UV and Johnson U
Baader U Venus
Baader K-line
B filters
Andover 430-1.9 nm
Astronomik B
Baader B
G filters
Astronomik G
Baader G CCD
ZWO green
R filters
Astronomik red
Baader 610 nm and R CCD

Clavé red and yellow
ZWO red
IR Filters
Baader 685 nm
ZWO CH4 20 nm
Astronomik 807
Ha filters
Astronomik Ha CCD 12 nm
Baader Ha 35 nm
Baader Ha 7 nm
Baader Ha 3.5 nm
OIII filters
Astronomik OIII CCD 12 nm
Baader continuum 540 nm
Polarizing filters
Baader ND 09
Celestron ND 0.3, 0.6, 09
Baader UV IR cut & IR blocking
Astronomik L
Smoked plate
Deep sky filters
Lumicon UHC

UV filters

Blue filters


Green filters


Red filters


Ha filters

OIII filters

IR filters


Polarizing filters

Neutral density filters

L and IR-cut filters

Deep sky filters