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484 sounds

Audio and sound files

Scientific recordings

Here are some 143 audio files related to astronomical or meteorological events like the sound of pulsars, solar flares, Jupiter and Saturn hisses and bursts, interstellar palsma, meteors, auroras, lightnings whistles in the Earth magnetosphere, including the song of whales and other marine mammals.

You will find on this page 35 recordings related to astronautic events, transmissions from satellite and other spacecrafts, as well as reports from astronauts and cosmonauts on orbit.

You will find on this page 220 records of QSOs worked by radio amateurs and sound of different transmission modes and interferences that you can hear on shortwaves, as well as and recordings of historical events.

You will find on this page 26 commentaries extracted from films, sounds and music samples used on this site to illustrate some subjects.

Check also my animations for 314 other videos and films.

These files can be read using WinAmp, RealOne, Windows Multimedia Player, etc. You can also use an oscilloscope or easier, a spectrographic program to view the audio like the excellent DL4YHF's freeware Spectrum Laboratory, as well as Spectran, Spectrogram or Raven to name a few.

To edit or convert your audio files, a good and very cheap program is AVS Audio Utilities also available free for demonstration.

Make your choice:

Documents listing above are protected by copyright. If you want to use these files, please ask first for the permission to the author listed close to each file.

You will feel how much the sound of some natural phenomena can be intoxicating, bewitching, amazing, astounding, to make tremble... There is no word to qualify these exciting sounds that have already inspired some composers who wrote me to get more detail as they wished to create acoustic arrangements from similar recordings. How much I understand them !

Indeed, some "soundtracks" are so amazing that they 'd make green New Age composers like Pink Floyd, Jean-Michel Jarre or Klaus Schultz and producers of S-F film like Matrix or Star Trek... But it's all natural ! Some have already took advantage of these natural sounds like Fiorella Terenzi and Isao Tomita (1932-2016) to name two famous composers.

For the fun, run these sounds with the Real Player "nebula" visualization (or Windows Media Player "Windmill" vizualisation) like the one displayed below, and appreciate the more complex of them... Here is a "spectrographic" dumpscreen while listening to solar bursts...

Some institutions, professionals, composers, and amateurs have also released audio recordings or performances on CDs related to astronomical events. Their references are listed in the above pages. Add also :

- NASA released on YouTube some amazing sounds like this Sound of Saturn that really reminds "Forbidden planet" !

- NASA also released CDs titled Symphonies of the Planets, including recordings made by Voyager space probes during their interplanetary journeys through the outer solar system

- NASA has put online some short recordings.

- Physicists from LHCsound released on Youtube the Sound of LHC (events from the Atlas detector)

- Pulsar Music, Roscosmos, 2019, YouTube

- Le Noir de l'étoile, Gérard Grisey/Jean-Pierre Luminet (sound of pulsars), 1996, YouTube

- Stephen P. McGreevy's CD "Auroral Chorus I to III"

- Tomita's CD "Dawn Chorus" or on, album released in 1984

- Dr Fiorella Terenzi's CD "Music From The Galaxies"

- Kronos Quartet (performance)

- Stephen Gard (compositions from "Radiosonics")

- Amateur radio F5OUX Cyril, released many recordings of live QSOs, atmospheric noises and other echoes.

- Radio Astronomy Supply (RAS) provided an audio tape titled "Sounds of the Cosmos" (jupiter noise storms, pulsars and solar noise storms). This tape is no more available but today RAS provide those sounds on educational CDs on their website.

- You will find additional royalty free sounds files related to natural phenomena and sounds of our time on Partners In Rhyme and websites among many others.

If you are interested in these musics, don't wait any longer and buy them today because in a few years they risk to be "out of stock" and never more available. This seems already happening to some of them... Remain multimedia libraries. Thus, do never postpone to tomorrow what you can purchase now !

Any addition to this list is welcome, preferably reference of authors or acoustic performances based on real astronomical recordings.

Have fun !

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Kronos Performance during 2003-2004 season. Picture by Willie Williams.

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