CCD Atlas on-line is a compilation of CCD images of deep-sky objects (galaxies, nebulae and clusters). It includes well-known objects (the whole Messier catalogue) as well as less known objects (e.g. NGC and IC catalogues). The Atlas is intended to provide a quick-reference to a large number of objects and can be used in supernova hunting and variable stars identification to give only two examples.

The images were obtained with several CCD cameras (Hisis22, ST7, MX916, Audine). Several telescopes were used: Celestron 14 (C14); Meade 2045 (Mead4); Takahashi Apo refractores (FS102, FS60) housed in a roll-off-roof observatory in Central Portugal. These telescopes are mounted on the same fork mount (fixed pier) equipped with a Byers retrofit (see Ccdatlas.jpg). Total integration times varied from 1min (open and globular clusters) to 5/30min (nebulae and galaxies).

Every entry (*_at.jpg files, 15% compression) of the CCD Atlas (black stars on a white background) contains the following information: Object identification (Messier, NGC and IC cataloges), Telescope used, CCD Camera, Date (year/month/day), Orientation (North or South up), Scale (1 or 5 minutes of arc).

Images from the CCD Atlas

H-alpha CCD images
IC434, IC1318, IC1318, IC1396, M8, M8, M11, M16, M17, M17/M24, M24, M24, M31, M31, M42, NGC281, NGC869,NGC884, NGC1499, NGC6888, NGC6992/6995, NGC7000, NGC7000, NGC7000, NGC7635, NGC7822,

Messier Catalogue
M1, M1, M1, M2, M2, M3, M3, M4, M4, M4, M5, M5, M6, M6, M7, M7, M8, M8, M8, M9, M9, M10, M10, M11, M11, M11, M11, M11, M12, M12, M13, M13, M14, M14, M15, M15, M16, M16, M16, M16, M17, M17, M17, M17, M18, M19, M19, M20, M20, M20, M21, M22, M22, M22, M23, M24, M25, M26, M27, M27, M28, M28, M29, M30, M31, M31, M31, M32, M33, M33, M33, M34, M34, M35, M35, M36, M36, M37, M37, M38, M38, M39, M41, M41, M42, M42, M42, M43, M44, M45, M46, M46, M47, M47, M48, M49, M50, M50, M51, M51, M51, M51, M51, M52, M53, M54, M55, M56, M56, M56, M57, M57, M57, M58, M59, M59, M60, M61, M62, M62, M63, M64, M65, M65, M66, M65/66, M67, M67, M68, M69, M70, M71, M71, M71, M72, M73, M74, M75, M76, M77, M78, M79, M79, M80, M80, M80, M81, M81, M82, M82, M83, M83, M84, M85, M85, M86, M86/84, M86/84, M86, M87, M87, M88, M89, M90, M91, M92, M93, M94, M95, M96, M97, M98, M99, M100, M101, M101, M102, M103, M104, M105, M106, M107, M107, M108, M109, M110

Clusters of Galaxies
ab262, ab262, ab347, ab347, ab370, ab400, ab426, ab426, ab426, ab628, ab776, ab1367, ab1377, ab1656, ab1656, ab1656, ab1656, ab2065, ab2079, ab2101, ab2151, ab2151, ab2151, ab2634, ab2666, ab2902, zw8852

NGC and IC Catalogues
AndII, LeoII, ic342, ic434, ic434, ic2602, ic2944, ic4617, mel71, twin quasar,
NGC0001 to NGC1000
Ngc0001, Ngc0013, Ngc0023, Ngc0036, Ngc0051, Ngc0055, Ngc0071, Ngc0080, Ngc0083, Ngc0086, Ngc0091, Ngc0095, Ngc0104, Ngc0104, Ngc0128, Ngc0132, Ngc0145, Ngc0150, Ngc0151, Ngc0157, Ngc0160, Ngc0169, Ngc0173, Ngc0175, Ngc0178, Ngc0180, Ngc0182, Ngc0192, Ngc0210, Ngc0214, Ngc0246, Ngc0247, Ngc0253, Ngc0255, Ngc0266, Ngc0271, Ngc0275, Ngc0278, Ngc0283, Ngc0288, Ngc0289, Ngc0309, Ngc0315, Ngc0327, Ngc0329, Ngc0337, Ngc0349, Ngc0352, Ngc0357, Ngc0380, Ngc0383, Ngc0410, Ngc0474, Ngc0488, Ngc0493, Ngc0495, Ngc0507, Ngc0507, Ngc0520, Ngc0521, Ngc0524, Ngc0524, Ngc0530, Ngc0532, Ngc0533, Ngc0536, Ngc0538, Ngc0541, Ngc0545, Ngc0557, Ngc0584, Ngc0596, Ngc0613, Ngc0615, Ngc0632, Ngc0632, Ngc0636, Ngc0649, Ngc0660, Ngc0663, Ngc0665, Ngc0672, Ngc0673, Ngc0676, Ngc0677, Ngc0678, Ngc0691, Ngc0693, Ngc0694, Ngc0706, Ngc0708, Ngc0714, Ngc0736, Ngc0772, Ngc0772, Ngc0772, Ngc0783, Ngc0830, Ngc0835, Ngc0842, Ngc0864, Ngc0869, Ngc0869, Ngc0884, Ngc0884, Ngc0891, Ngc0891, Ngc0904, Ngc0907, Ngc0908, Ngc0925, Ngc0925, Ngc0945, Ngc0978, Ngc0999,
NGC1000 to NGC2000
Ngc1003, Ngc1023, Ngc1024, Ngc1032, Ngc1042, Ngc1052, Ngc1055, Ngc1058, Ngc1060, Ngc1069, Ngc1084, Ngc1097, Ngc1100, Ngc1129, Ngc1160, Ngc1169, Ngc1186, Ngc1200, Ngc1208, Ngc1214, Ngc1221, Ngc1223, Ngc1232, Ngc1300, Ngc1300, Ngc1435, Ngc1441, Ngc1453, Ngc1517, Ngc1550, Ngc1587, Ngc1589, Ngc1600, Ngc1611, Ngc1612, Ngc1618, Ngc1633, Ngc1637, Ngc1643, Ngc1684, Ngc1685, Ngc1721, Ngc1723, Ngc1778, Ngc1778, Ngc1778, Ngc1784, Ngc1857, Ngc1857, Ngc1857, Ngc1893, Ngc1893, Ngc1893, Ngc1907, Ngc1907, Ngc1973,
NGC2000 to NGC3000
Ngc2023, Ngc2023, Ngc2024, Ngc2024, Ngc2070, Ngc2070, Ngc2158, Ngc2237, Ngc2237, Ngc2261, Ngc2261, Ngc2261, Ngc2264, Ngc2274, Ngc2281, Ngc2289, Ngc2329, Ngc2331, Ngc2340, Ngc2354, Ngc2357, Ngc2360, Ngc2362, Ngc2392, Ngc2395, Ngc2403, Ngc2415, Ngc2420, Ngc2422, Ngc2423, Ngc2437, Ngc2438, Ngc2447, Ngc2451, Ngc2477, Ngc2506, Ngc2507, Ngc2513, Ngc2516, Ngc2532, Ngc2532, Ngc2546, Ngc2547, Ngc2565, Ngc2595, Ngc2595, Ngc2623, Ngc2648, Ngc2683, Ngc2684, Ngc2701, Ngc1718, Ngc2769, Ngc2775, Ngc2782, Ngc2841, Ngc2856, Ngc2857, Ngc2859, Ngc2903, Ngc2903, Ngc2903, Ngc2964, Ngc2998,
NGC3000 to NGC4000
Ngc3016, Ngc3020, Ngc3079, Ngc3114, Ngc3115, Ngc3162, Ngc3166, Ngc3169, Ngc3177, Ngc3185, Ngc3190, Ngc3198, Ngc3227, Ngc3293, Ngc3344, Ngc3367, Ngc3372, Ngc3377, Ngc3395, Ngc3414, Ngc3430, Ngc3432, Ngc3433, Ngc3435, Ngc3486, Ngc3504, Ngc3512, Ngc3521, Ngc3532, Ngc3532, Ngc3582, Ngc3607, Ngc3619, Ngc3628, Ngc3640, Ngc3642, Ngc3675, Ngc3681, Ngc3684, Ngc3686, Ngc3690, Ngc3705, Ngc3718, Ngc3729, Ngc3735, Ngc3766, Ngc3810, Ngc3817 Ngc3877, Ngc3888, Ngc3897, Ngc3898, Ngc3893, Ngc3938, Ngc3949, Ngc3949, Ngc3953, Ngc3972, Ngc3982, Ngc3998,
NGC4000 to NGC5000
Ngc4013, Ngc4038, Ngc4051, Ngc4088, Ngc4096, Ngc4100, Ngc4102, Ngc4123, Ngc4144, Ngc4111, Ngc4206, Ngc4212, Ngc4216, Ngc4244, Ngc4260, Ngc4261, Ngc4270, Ngc4274, Ngc4278, Ngc4281, Ngc4290, Ngc4293, Ngc4298, Ngc4312, Ngc4319, Ngc4335, Ngc4350 Ngc4358, Ngc4372, Ngc4386, Ngc4388, Ngc4402, Ngc4425, Ngc4429, Ngc4438, Ngc4440, Ngc4442, Ngc4448, Ngc4449, Ngc4450, Ngc4457, Ngc4459, Ngc4461, Ngc4462, Ngc4469, Ngc4473, Ngc4477, Ngc4490, Ngc4494, Ngc4526, Ngc4527, Ngc4535, Ngc4535, Ngc4536, Ngc4536, Ngc4537, Ngc4539, Ngc4540, Ngc4546, Ngc4550, Ngc4551, Ngc4559, Ngc4564, Ngc4565, Ngc4568, Ngc4570, Ngc4593, Ngc4595, Ngc4596, Ngc4605, Ngc4606, Ngc4608, Ngc4631, Ngc4636, Ngc4638, Ngc4639, Ngc4643, Ngc4651, Ngc4654, Ngc4656, Ngc4660, Ngc4665, Ngc4666, Ngc4668, Ngc4676, Ngc4684, Ngc4689, Ngc4691, Ngc4691, Ngc4694, Ngc4697, Ngc4698, Ngc4699, Ngc4710, Ngc4710, Ngc4725, Ngc4754, Ngc4753, Ngc4755, Ngc4755, Ngc4762, Ngc4117, Ngc4772, Ngc4783, Ngc4833, Ngc4845, Ngc4945, Ngc4967,
NGC5000 to NGC6000
Ngc5005, Ngc5055, Ngc5128, Ngc5128, Ngc5139, Ngc5139, Ngc5171, Ngc5178, Ngc5222, Ngc5247, Ngc5248, Ngc5258, Ngc5297, Ngc5308, Ngc5322, Ngc5348, Ngc5350, Ngc5353, Ngc5356, Ngc5363, Ngc5364, Ngc5371, Ngc5380, Ngc5382, Ngc5395, Ngc5395, Ngc5400, Ngc5416, Ngc5423, Ngc5427, Ngc5434, Ngc5466, Ngc5468, Ngc5506, Ngc5566, Ngc5576, Ngc5577, Ngc5584, Ngc5595, Ngc5619, Ngc5634, Ngc5636, Ngc5679, Ngc5690, Ngc5701, Ngc5713, Ngc5718, Ngc5719, Ngc5740, Ngc5746, Ngc5750, Ngc5775, Ngc5791, Ngc5792, Ngc5796, Ngc5806, Ngc5813, Ngc5831, Ngc5838, Ngc5846, Ngc5850, Ngc5850, Ngc5854, Ngc5858, Ngc5861, Ngc5864, Ngc5874, Ngc5885, Ngc5897, Ngc5907, Ngc5915, Ngc5917, Ngc5936, Ngc5951, Ngc5953, Ngc5986, Ngc5962, Ngc5970, Ngc5999,
NGC6000 to NGC7000
Ngc6005, Ngc6010, Ngc6027, Ngc6038, Ngc6063, Ngc6058, Ngc6070, Ngc6106, Ngc6118, Ngc6144, Ngc6181, Ngc6207, Ngc6210, Ngc6229, Ngc6235, Ngc6239, Ngc6269, Ngc6284, Ngc6287, Ngc6293, Ngc6293, Ngc6304, Ngc6309, Ngc6316, Ngc6325, Ngc6334, Ngc6342, Ngc6352, Ngc6355, Ngc6356, Ngc6366, Ngc6372, Ngc6384, Ngc6397, Ngc6401, Ngc6440, Ngc6445, Ngc6482, Ngc6484, Ngc6517, Ngc6522, Ngc6522, Ngc6528, Ngc6528, Ngc6535, Ngc6541, Ngc6543, Ngc6584, Ngc6638, Ngc6645, Ngc6652, Ngc6658, Ngc6661, Ngc6712, Ngc6723, Ngc6751, Ngc6760, Ngc6772, Ngc6781, Ngc6804, Ngc6822, Ngc6888, Ngc6903, Ngc6906, Ngc6907, Ngc6926, Ngc6928, Ngc6934, Ngc6934, Ngc6941, Ngc6946, Ngc6946, Ngc6946, Ngc6951, Ngc6956, Ngc6960, Ngc6962, Ngc6964, Ngc6972, Ngc6878,
Ngc7006, Ngc7006, Ngc7009, Ngc7013, Ngc7042, Ngc7042, Ngc7048, Ngc7080, Ngc7102, Ngc7137, Ngc7156, Ngc7171, Ngc7177, Ngc7184, Ngc7194, Ngc7217, Ngc7218, Ngc7223, Ngc7236, Ngc7241, Ngc7242, Ngc7253, Ngc7280, Ngc7300, Ngc7302, Ngc7309, Ngc7318, Ngc7320, Ngc7328, Ngc7331, Ngc7331, Ngc7331, Ngc7332, Ngc7371, Ngc7385, Ngc7448, Ngc7448, Ngc7457, Ngc7463, Ngc7469, Ngc7479, Ngc7479, Ngc7507, Ngc7510, Ngc7513, Ngc7541, Ngc7550, Ngc7550, Ngc7562, Ngc7576, Ngc7585, Ngc7550, Ngc7600, Ngc7606, Ngc7625, Ngc7626, Ngc7626, Ngc7635, Ngc7640, Ngc7662, Ngc7673, Ngc7678, Ngc7679, Ngc7682, Ngc7714, Ngc7720, Ngc7721, Ngc7723, Ngc7726, Ngc7727, Ngc7741, Ngc7741, Ngc7742, Ngc7743, Ngc7753, Ngc7768, Ngc7771, Ngc7779, Ngc7782, Ngc7785, Ngc7789, Ngc7789, Ngc7806, Ngc7814, Ngc7816, Ngc7817, Ngc7834,