I am a Marine Biologist and a Professor at the University of Lisbon/Portugal (Faculty of Sciences) where I teach Animal Biology, Marine Biology and Biological Oceanography. I have a PhD in Animal Ecology (1984) and my current research interests deal mainly with the study of Plankton and Benthos Ecology.

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I have been an amateur astronomer for more than 40 years, mainly interested in imaging the heavens (deep-sky but also the solar system). Over the years I have acumulated a few telescopes telescopes that are house in two different observatories (roll-off-roof and dome) located in central Portugal.

I began imaging the heavens using conventional emulsion-based photography but now have turned to CCD's. In 1994 I bought a Hi-sis 22 CCD camera. I now own several CCD cameras including a SBIG ST-7, SBIG ST-8E, a SBIG ST-10XE and BIG STL11000(some of my images were already published in several Astronomy Magazines: Sky and Telescope; CCD Astronomy; Astronomy; Astronomy Now; Astronomy Magazine; Ciel et Espace...). Observatory location

In 2005 I acquired a Paramount ME german equatorial mount that was installed on Pier Tech 1 telescope Pier.

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CCD Imaging Course (Malasia, 2012)
CCD Imaging Course (Malasia, 2008)
CCD Imaging Course (Braga, 2008)
CCD Imaging Course (Fronteira, 2007)
CCD Imaging Course (Malasia, 2007)
CCD Imaging Course (Malasia, 2006)

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Founding Member of APAA (Portuguese Amateur Astronomers Association)

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Paramount ME, TMB152 F/8, AP130 F/6, SBIG STL11000M (Class 1), SBIG STL1000M (Class 2) (2012)

Observing the Sun (2003)

Paramount ME (2005)

Noticias Magazine 20040926
Article (Noticias Magazine 20040926)

C14 (1994)

winter outfit
C14 (2001)

Solar observation
Solar observation, Vixen 102 F/9.8, Takahashi EM-200 (2003)

Palomar Observatory (1989)

La Silla Observatory (2001)

Lisbon Observatory (2002)

Winter Star Party (2002)

Spring Star Party (2003)

Spring Star Party (2003)

Cerro Tololo Observatory (2003)

Cerro Pachon Observatory (2003)

National Observatory, Rio de Janeiro (2003)

Photographing the Sun (2003)

Takahashi FS128, FS60C, EM-200 (2003)

National Observatory, Rio de Janeiro (2005). 460mm refractor.

National Observatory, Rio de Janeiro (2005). 210mm refractor.
Mars image (210mm F/15 refractor, ToucamPro)

Professional observatories around the world