Analysis of Fabry-Perot mica spaced Ha filters


1) Center Wave Length (CWL) and bandpass (FWHM) as a function of f-ratio of the telescope and tilt of the F-P filter (in collimated beam, telecentric beam or non-optimized telecentric system)

2) CWL shift and FWHM broadening in non telecentric systems (refractors and Cassegrain telescopes) and useful formulae

3) Daystar filter modelling and additional results

4) Air-spaced F-P etalon theoritical performances and comparison with mica-spaced etalons

5) Analysis of the PST modification (air-spaced F-P etalon) and comparison between collimated and telecentric mounts

6) Contrast factor of the F-P etalon and blocking filter assembly

7) Contrast factor of the F-P etalon : test of various stacking schemes

8) Fabry-Perot math and bibliography


Fabry-Perot Math

The math of a F-P etalon can be expressed in a number of ways. Here is the formulation given in ref W3 :

These formulae are valid for a perfect F-P in a collimated beam (parallel beam with no fied angle). Various defects (non parallelism between the plates, roughness of plate, ...) would reduce the finesse (see ref W4).


Jacquinot spot and sweet spot :

The Jacquinot spot is defined to be the region over which the change in wavelenght does not exceed sqrt (2) times the etalon bandpass. Straightforward calculations give :


Some good references on Fabry-Perot etalons and telecentric systems :

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