Antilhue - Chile

Latest Results


 Here is a sample of the latest imaging results.

Click on the image below to see a higher resolution version together with the image data.


NGC 6445 in Sagittarius



Tarantula Wide Field in Doradus



Messier 72 in Aquarius



NGC 1313 in Reticulum



NGC 1360 in Fornax



NGC 1350 in Fornax



NGC 613 in Sculptor



NGC 7410 in Grus



Messier 2 in Aquarius



NGC 1261 in Horologium



Messier 30 in Capricornus



NGC 362 in Tucana



NGC 6744 in Pavo



NGC 288 in Sculptor



Messier 16  -  the Eagle Nebula in Sagittarius



NGC 5927 in Lupus



Messier 55 in Sagittarius



Messier 14 in Ophiuchus



NGC 5897 in Libra



Messier 80 in Scorpius



The Antennae  -  NGC 4038 and NGC 4039 in Corvus