Astronomical Ring for Access to Spectroscopy

An initiative dedicated to promotion of amateur astronomical spectroscopy and pro/am collaborations

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Last update: January 22, 2015


Programs and Surveys

ARAS spectral data base
Cataclismic stars, symbiotic stars, novae, comets, ...

BeSS data base
The database of Be stars databade (GEPI - Observatoire de Paris-Meudon).

A front website to BeSS data base for help to select program stars.

Be stars actuality

Novae spectroscopy survey



CI Cyg

HD57682 flares campaign

V407 Cyg

Nova Vul 2007

Some astrophysics

Spectral types

HR diagram
About Be stars

Carbon stars

Wolf-Rayet stars 

Carbon Stars


Planetary Nebulae









Medias & Contacts

ARAS forum

Spectro-l Mailing List

Publications of interest for amateur spectroscopy



Observations, technical infos, campaigns, beginners corner, and more... !

ARAS spectral data base


Comet C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy archive

T Tauri 2014-2015 campaign archive

The eruptive stars information letter

The Be  stars monthly report

Be candidate

B-type stars survey
A Be stars candidate search program

RR Lyrae 2014 campaign

2014 paper in MNRAS... partiticipate to the next plubication !

Nova Delphini 2013 Spectral Data Base
Log of obervations an FITS files download

About nova Delphini 2013, here a web page on the nova evolution,
with Steve's explanations, informations from ATel...


Supernova 2014J in M82

 Nova Centauri 2013

T Tauri stars campaign
RY Tau, DN Tau, DR Tau

Supernova 2012fr in NGC 1365

 AZ Cas eclipse campaign (2012 - 2014)

Novae spectroscopy actuality
Recent novae spectra obtained by amateurs

CH Cygni campaign

SU Aur: spectroscopy / XMM simultaneous observation


FS CMa campaign

SN2011fe in Messier 101


P Cygni campaign

SN2011dh in Messier 51


T Pyxidis recurrent nova 2011 outburst

Delta Sco periastron 2011 campaign



CI Cyg


V407 Cyg outburst

HD57682 flares

Technical notes

List of test stars for LHIRES III spectrograph
Definition of LHIRES III data products
LHIRES III - SpIris processing tutorial
LHIRES III project - Description
Working session with the 1200 g/mm grating 

 OHP 2007 spectroscopic school
OHP 2008 spectroscopic school  
Interference fringings analysis by Peter Schlatter
Finging analysis
Atmospheric extinction and faint Be stars
Some advices about the use of Star Analyser spectrograph

Adjustment of the "Exposure Time Calculator" parameters
Extraction of the spectral response
How to take a flat-field? 
Accomodation of LHIRES III on the 0.6 m telescope of Pic du Midi observatory
LHIRES III on a Takahashi FS128 refractor
Image quality of LHIRES III
Focusing stars methods on the entrance slit of Lhires III
COROT Be stars survey project
Use LHIRES III with a digital SRL
Processing of DSLR RAW images
Economic spectral calibration lamps
Intermediate resolution with LHIRES

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