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Sun chromosphere observation at the LJR refractor (Pic du Midi Observatory)

The extrasolar planets
51 Peg b , HD189733 b, HD195019 b & tau Boo

Decoration lamps and spectral calibration

Faint novae and cataclymic stars
from OHP spectro party

Review of eShel spectrograph
The first échelle spectrographe available
for amateurs

Lhires III spectrograph at low
spectral resolution: application
to observation of faint Be stars

The detection of tau Boo exoplanet

Comet Lulin : images & spectra

Detection of Io's sodium cloud

 First ligth of an echelle spectrograph

Star Analyser: Easy and efficient spectroscopy

Fast evolution of RR Lyr star

Optical fiber interface for LISA spectrograph

 Infrared spectroscopy

Lhires III spectrograph & Canon EOS 

Time resolved evolution of the star AB Aur


Canon 350D and spectrography

Spectrography at Pic du Midi
(LHIRES3 test - July 2005)

Spectroscopy at Pic du Midi Observatory
(August  2002 mission)


7718 Desnoux asteroid spectra

Spectroscopy at Pic du Midi Observatory
(July 2002 mission)

Spectroscopy Survey of Asteroids 

Sun prominences observation method 

Planetary nebulae spectra 

Doppler spectroheliogam techniques

The 3C273 quasar spectrum 

57 Cyg: A spectroscopic binary star

1999 solar eclipse: corona spectrum 

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Spectral responsivity of the digital SLR Canon 10D

KAF-0401E/2E versus KAF-0402ME spectral responsivity 

The "Barèges" spectrograph tests

Toward a fiber optic spectrograph  

LHIRES2 spectroheliogram

Lithium measurement in stellar atmospheres

Spectroscopic daylight observations

Oléron school 2003
Astrophysical tools for Pro-Am collaboration)

A full commented spectrum of Vega 

Haute Provence Observatory - July 2004 :
The first spectro-party

The November 20, 2003 aurora

Spectroscopic observation of the solar chromosphere 

Tentative of observation of Mercury exosphere

Interference filter transmittance
(for nebulae imagery)

Test of the Canon EOS 10D for spectroscopy

Spectra of Jovian Galilean Satellites

The sodium D1 & D2 lines

Spectroscopy at Pic du Midi Observatory
(July 2004 mission)

Diffuse nebulae spectra

LHIRES III medium resolution mode
Suvery of Herbeig Ae/Be stars

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