C2A Help


General Information
        Required Equipment
        Software Updates
        What Should I Do if the Program Does not Work?
        Python 3

Using C2A
                What Types of Map can you Display in C2A?
                How do you Define a Field?
                How do you Zoom in a Field?
                How do you Move in a Field?
                How do you Set a Landmark in the Map?
                How do you Create a Custom Horizon?
                How do you Find an Object?
                How do you Get Information about an Object??
                How do you Display the USNO-B1.0 Catalogue?
                How do you Display Asteroids and Comets?
                How to display artificial satellites?
                How to Declare Orbital Elements in a File?
                How do you Define your Own Catalogues of Objects?
                How do you Compile your Own Catalogues of Objects?
                How do you Display an Image Associated with an Object in the BT-Atlas?
                How do you Display an Image from the Digitized Sky Survey?
                How do you Display your Own Images?
        Various Functions
                How do you Specify your Own Observing Location?
                How do you Produce Ephemerides?
                How do you Display the Visibility Curve of an Object?
                How do you Save and Load Configurations?
                How do you Dynamically Display Position in RA/Dec or Az/Alt?
                How do you Capture a View of the Current Map?
                How do you Use the Setting Circles Function?
                How do you Communicate with C2A Via a TCP Port?
                How do you Control a Telescope with C2A?
                How do you Plan Observations?
                How do you Schedule Observations?
                How do you Use Reference Stars to Calibrate a Telescope?
                How do you Focus a Telescope with C2A?
        Summary of Keyboard Shortcuts
        Mouse Usage
        Command Line

        Planetary Position Computing
        Asteroids and Comets
        Artificial Satellites
        Milky Way
        SAO Catalogue
        Guide Star Catalogue
        Tycho-2 Catalogue
        Hipparcos Catalogue
        USNO-SA1.0 Catalogue
        USNO-A2.0 Catalogue
        USNO-B1.0 Catalogue
        UCAC1 Catalogue
        UCAC2 Catalogue
        UCAC3 Catalogue
        UCAC4 Catalogue
        NOMAD Catalogue
        PPMXL Catalogue
        CMC15 Catalogue
        URAT1 Catalogue
        General Catalogue of Variable Stars
        Washington Double Star Catalog
        Gliese Catalogue
        Asterism Catalogue
        ArasBeAM Catalogue
        Exoplanet Transit Database
        Meteor Showers
        BT Atlas
        Revised New General Catalogue and Index Catalogue
        Catalogue of Deep Dky Objects (RNGC and NGC2000)
        Catalog of Principal Galaxies (PGC 2003)
        Saguaro Astronomy Club Catalogue
        Digitized Sky Survey

User Interface Reference
        Main Window
                Main Screen
                Contextual Menu
                Field Display Area
                Control Panel
                Dialogue Area
                Symbols of objects
        Dialogue Boxes
                Field Definition
                Object Search
                Synthetic Sky Options
                Filter on objects
                User Catalogues
                Page Setup
                Color Definition
                Font Definition
                Remote Catalogues
                Observation Logbook
                Asteroids and Comets Tool
                Ephemerides Generation Tool
                Phases of the Moon
                Sunrise and Sunset Times
                Trajectories of Solar System Objects
                Planetary Positions
                Planet Visibility
                Field Markers
                Ecliptic View
                Magnitude Histogram
        Information Windows
                Information on Objects
                Object Visibility
                Image Processing Window
                Displaying Images from the BT-Atlas
                User Images and Observations
                BT-Atlas Image Browser
                Image Information Window
                Accessing Digitized Sky Survey Images
                Management of Background Images
                Image Analysis
                Temperature Management
                Image Acquisition
                Telescope Hand Controller
                Telescope Interface Options
                Observation Planning
                Tracking Drift Analysis of a Telescope Mount
                Telescope Focusing
                Pre-pointing a Telescope
                King Method